What will The Instagram nametag feature do?

Here’s what you need to know about the soon to be launched Instagram NameTag Feature

Instagram is often working in new updates to provide its users with a better experience. For a few months now, the photo-sharing app has been testing what could soon be known as the Instagram nametag feature.

A feature that will allow users to follow friends by scanning tags with their smartphone camera. Now, even though there is not much information at the moment, we will tell you what we know so far.

Instagram name tag code


The Instagram name tag feature has been the subject of criticism by many users around the world.

And all of that for one simple reason. Users feel Instagram is going to be copying the snap codes from Snapchat. Of course, many people don’t feel comfortable with this and have spoken their thoughts out loud.

Something a bit unexpected considering, there are not as many Snapchat users as there were before.

Now, is this justified? Well, in a way people are right. The Instagram nametag feature will do pretty much the same than the Snapcodes from Snapchat

The main goal is to allow users to scan tags by simply using the camera of their smartphones.

Snapchat snap codes

How Will It Work?

Once the Instagram name tag feature is launched brands and influencers will be able to create custom codes that will allow their fans to follow them in a much easier way.

Now, why did we say brands and influencers? Well, because they are more likely to be followed than just regular users.

For instance, this feature will only make sense if you are a famous person or if you are building your way up to it. Popular people will be able to print their custom codes and put them wherever they want. (Doors, websites, a Youtube video, etc)

This way their fans can simply scan the code with their phone and follow them with one touch.

Instagram custom qr code

Release Date

As always Instagram does its best to keep the news about its updates a secret. So, there is no confirmation on when this feature will be released.

However, we can tell you such feature has been being tested since April 10th of this year. Given that we are on July already, we might only have to wait for Instagram nametag a couple of months more.

But, don’t worry. You will hear from us as soon as the feature is released. In the meantime enjoy more of our articles and leave us a comment on what you would like to read next.


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