Instagram Nano Influencers
Instagram nano influencers, the next new trend

Over time Instagram has become a gold mine for people all over the world. There are countless brands that have reached success thanks to this platform. But, just as so happens with brands, regular people have also been given the same chance. Currently, there are millions of influencers killing it on Instagram. 

Instagram brands

Of course, the idea of making a good living out of just posting content on the photo-sharing platform sounds amazing. So people all over the world try harder and harder all the time to become influencers. Now, there was a time in which in order to even appear on the radar of a brand, you had to have millions of followers. In some cases, a few hundred thousands of followers could do the trick. Nevertheless, things have changed to the point in which that is no longer necessary. 

In a short period of time, the photo-sharing platform went on to become the place for micro influencers to grow. But, things changed once more. As a matter of fact, brands would later put their interest in a new “kind” of influencers (Nano influencers). Making regular influencers to become part of the past. Still, this doesn’t mean they will not continue to reign on Instagram. 

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However, they mightn’t receive the same amount of deals they used to get before. Brands are now giving preference to the so called nano influencers. But, what are nano influencers? Well, keep reading to find out. 

What are nano influencers

Nano Influencers

Nano influencers are pretty much the same thing as an influencer or micro influencer. The only difference between the two is the number of followers they have. Influencers have a wider reach than any other kind of influencer. 

In this particular case, nano influencers usually have from 100 – 1000 followers. Of course, such a number is really low to actually start gaining something. However, brands seem to be getting very interested in this new type of influencer. But why? Here are a few reasons.

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Benefits of working with Nano Influencers

A lot of people don’t understand why brands are giving priority to nano influencers instead of big influencers. Well, here’s why.

1. Level Of Loyalty

Nano influencers usually have the strongest relationship with a brand. Compared to micro and macro influencers, nano influencers share a much closer connection with the brands that decide to hire them. Why? 

Well, think about this. Currently, big influencers have contracts coming their way all of the time. Therefore, some of them take things for granted. In other words, they don’t always appreciate the opportunity of having a brand that wants to work with them. 

On the other hand, nano influencers are new to the game of social media. As a result, they tend to do their best to satisfy their clients (brands), which  leads to better treatment, and more interest in their roles. 

Nano influencers are loyal

2. Level Of Influence

Even though nano influencers only have a few hundred followers, they connect with their following more than big influencers normally do. In fact, nano influencers are more likely to actually reply to comments and interact with their small audience. This is something that regular influencers don’t often do. 

Of course, we can’t judge, as it is really difficult to keep up with hundreds of thousands of people commenting on everything you do. In short, nano influencers have a very strong influence over their small but tight-knit network of followers.

nano influencers benefits

3. Degree Of Volume

Finally, let’s talk about numbers. When it comes to nano influencers, there are actually much more of them than there are regular influencers. This means brands can connect with several nano influencers, spend less money, and get better results. 

Nano influencers on social media

Final Thoughts

There is no doubt Instagram has given the same opportunity to everyone. Nowadays, even a person with 100 followers can start building up a career on social media. It all depends on how much effort each individual makes in order to grow. 

You can grow an account on Instagram in many ways – if you need a kickstart to growing your account, you can always use great services such as Instafamous.Pro.



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