Instagram has been updating a lot this month, and we need to catch up quickly before new features arrive. That’s why we bring a small selection of this week’s news on Instagram. Enough for you to catch up and stay clear of what’s going on the app. Beforehand, we tell you this is not a big deal, so don’t worry. The news you’re about to see, are good ones for you and the app.

1. Istagram reached 600M users!

It feels like yesterday when Instagram only had 200M, and in less than two years it’s reached the incredible amount of 600M users. Of course, Mark Zuckerberg must be proud, but this is also good news for us too. The Instagram community keeps growing up which means that our little communities are growing up too, and our work has to expand.

According to Facebook Inc, Instagram has increased 100M users since June, due to new tools and settings that have improved the app’s popularity. A good response for Instagram Stories and all that has come with it. Surely, this is something that Snapchat won’t appreciate, but certainly, was a great move for the company. Alson, are about to reach 1.5M revenue on advertising incomes.

2. Save and watch later

They finally heard our prayers! For all of us with not enough time for using the app during labor days or an extended trip, this is one big news. Also, if you’re a content curator, this one saves your back. Now, thanks to the fantastic “Saved post” button you can finally keep all those posts you wish to watch later. Although this is only part of the version 10.2, it’s available for both iOS and Android. Go, get your update now!

Saved Posts
(Via Instagram)

3. Like, like, like that comment!

And the replies are easier too! How cool is this? Now, you can take the interaction to another level. With this new feature, you can add an element of your contests strategy or simply be in touch with your audience in a more personal way. Far are the days where you got confused on replies and now you can do it on specific comments. Although the response is not displayed like Facebook, it’s a lot way easier not to be confused and give the answer to the right comment.

If you want to like one comment, this even easier. You have a heart shape on the right side of the comment that should be tapped once to turn red. You can do this in your own post’s comments and other people’s posts too. If someone likes your comment, you’ll get a notification immediately. You can also turn off the notifications, but give it a try first to share the experience and the new step on the engagement!

Like Instagram Comments
(Via Later)
Like Instagram Comments
(Via Later)

3. Guess who’s back?

Instagram’s sweetheart and world’s must famous Influencer is coming back! Yes, Kim Kardashian, the one and only who abandoned the Social Media after her infamous incident in Paris where she got robbed. Now, the famous reality star and wife of Kanye West has launched her first move on Instagram in months! Although it wasn’t from her personal account, the post took place on her merch verified account, @kimoji.

The account posted two outrageous videos of a girl’s butt and some pictures of boobs and another pair of butts wearing underwear. Of course, it couldn’t be the other way around. Therefore, the current ghost in Social Media marked a heart on these posts, and that’s pretty much a sign of life from her during these moths of absence.

More features are about to come, and surely we won’t miss Kim’s big return on her personal account. Keep in touch with us!


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