Instagram Post Ideas for Non-Visual Business
Don't have visual products to share on instagram?

It’s very easy to create postings on Instagram for businesses who offer beautiful products like jewelry, clothing, Accessories etc.  But what about the small businesses which are not quite as glamorous? How do they create postings to attract the audiences towards their business?

Here are few ideas of posts that can be made by non-visual businesses on Instagram:

Share your company news
Whether it’s a partnership deal you cracked or a customer milestone you hit, you can share your company success stories to improve your brand credibility over Instagram.

Convey your company culture
Share with your audience about your company culture. For example “A Normal day at working in the office”. Show your followers, your office environment, how your employees work etc. by clicking pictures and sharing using unique hashtags.

Industry Updates
There is a lot of news flowing over the internet related to your industry. Do some research online and share the relevant industry news with your audience.

Company Data / Statistics
Share some data you can show off to your followers which is not confidential. The data can be related to the number of customers you have served so far, demographics of your customers, popularity of your services or products.

Share Knowledge / Offer advice
Another way of keeping your followers engaged is to share your industry knowledge with them or offer any advice in the area of your expertise. This will help in communicating your brand value, increase awareness and strengthen your brand image.

If you have a non-visual business, we are sure the above ideas will be very helpful in creating interesting posts for your Instagram account. We’ll share some more useful tips in our upcoming newsletters.


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