Travel one year for free by deleting your Instagram posts

Instagram is currently the second largest social media platform in the world. As a matter of fact, there are already a billion monthly active users enjoying the photo-sharing app every day. 

Some of these users are very accustomed to checking Instagram quite often. Therefore, getting them to simply forget about the app and clear all of their content is nearly impossible.

Indeed, asking a person to clear all of their memories from Instagram is very hard. But, what if these people were offered something in return. Certainly, a nice compensation could seal the deal. Perhaps travelling for one year, for free? 

It sounds good, doesn’t it? All you would’ve needed to do is clear every single post from your Instagram account. 

Instagram traveling

Before We Start

Unfortunately, the application period for this contest has already expired. Therefore, the following information is merely a resume of what users had to do in order to win the opportunity of travelling for free for a full year.

Let’s hope the airline launches this contest once again next year.

JetBlue Contest – Terms

So, what did one have to do to win a year of free flights? Well, there were two very simple steps to follow. First of all, users needed to clear their posts from Instagram. Now, notice that we are using the term clear.

JetBlue contest for flying free for a year

This means that there was no need to delete the posts, but to just archive them. Finally, the applicant would have also needed to create a post promoting the airline, and upload it to the photo-sharing platform using a hashtag (#ALLYOUCANJETSWEEPSTAKES ). 

Travel free for a year - Clear all your Instagram posts

And that’s pretty much it. These two steps would have made you eligible for winning the prize.  

JetBlue Instagram contest

The Catch

Unfortunately, there was a catch. The three lucky winners of the contest would indeed be able to travel without having to pay for tickets. However, the downside is that they would still be liable for individual taxes and fees on each flight.

In other words, the flights are not entirely free per se, but rather very cheap.It’s still a pretty good deal considering applicants only needed to clear their posts from their Instagram accounts. 

Clear your Instagram posts and win the prize


JetBlue never specified the reason why they asked people to clear their Instagram posts. As a matter of fact, the company made it clear that users could put their photos back on their profiles after the contest was over. 

So, let’s just assume this was all about publicity. Also, let’s hope they decide to launch the same contest next year! 


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