Instagram pet influencers
Why are Instagram pet influencers so popular?

Instagram Pet Influencers

There was a time when people used to upload photos of their pets with no particular purpose. However, time has passed and things have changed. In fact, since Instagram became a thing, people all over the world started to become influencers. Of course, it was just a matter of time until pets entered the game too. Now Instagram pet influencers have become a thing as well.

Currently, there are literally hundreds of thousands, if not millions of pets on Instagram. Some more popular than others for sure. From dogs and cats to bunnies and even hamsters. In short, there are animals to put a smile on anyone’s face.

So, what is this all about? If we had to choose one answer to that question, it would be “cuteness”.

We all love animals, or at least a vast majority of us do. Therefore, it makes sense to upload pictures of cute pets online. It drives traffic and of course, it brings in the money.

Instagram pet influencers take care of making us happy with their cuteness and charm. In exchange, their owners make enough money to spoil them and invest in buying them great things to keep them happy.

Instagram pet influencers

Brand Deals

As with regular influencers, pet influencers also work on brand deals. In fact, there are important companies who pay very well to have famous pets appear in their publicity.

Of course, working with pets can take quite some time. After all, they don’t always understand things, and sometimes it gets difficult to run a photo shoot or record a commercial. However, brands are willing to accept all that, as they know the effect that pets have on humans. Pets raise endorphins and make people happy. Therefore, a brand that works with pets manages to make their clients feel a strong connection towards them.

Pet influencers brand deals

How Much Money Do They Make?

Finally, let’s talk about money. When it comes to money, Instagram pet influencers make as much as a regular influencer does. It all depends on the number of followers they have and the things that they do. For example, certain pets even have their own merchandise.

Calendars, t-shirts, mugs, you name it. However, in most cases, money comes from the brand deals that their owners have. For example, a pet influencer with over a million followers can make up to $15 000 Рwow!

How much money do pet influencers make

Final Thoughts

Honestly, we believe that animals deserve the same opportunities as humans. Of course, they do not desperately seek to become famous. But still, doing so allows their owners to provide them with better care.

In short, pet influencers earn their food by making us happy with their cuteness – an ideal situation!


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