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The most important night of Hollywood was full of glamor, beautiful ladies, handsome men and funny kids. There was also a lot of surprises when it came to results because almost all the relevant categories were unpredictable. Also, everybody took a bow on Meryl Streep for her long-lasting career and multiple nominations, and Matt Damon was Jimmy Kimmel’s jokes target during the night.

We saw an incredible Justin Timberlake in a fun opening singing the well-known Zootopia song, and making everyone step on their sit and dance. The remarkable songs in competition gave us many emotive moments during the night, and John Legend made everyone fell in love with her version of “City Of Stars.”

Although candies and cookies fell from the sky and we could see the first lady in the space presenting an award, none was the most shocking moment of them all. For those who missed it, when the presenter spoke the name of the best film, it was to La La Land. Even after some of the staff gave their speech, there was an interruption where producers clarified that there was a mistake and rightful winner was Moonlight. Yes, we know, exactly like Miss Universe!

We’ve got a lot of memorable moments, but we picked the best on Instagram for you!

1. The best of them all

Prepare yourself before you watch this video because you’re going to laugh out loud until your mouth hurt. If you didn’t see the last moments, don’t worry this is the only thing you need to watch. We’re tremendously sorry for La La Land team, but seriously, this video was all.

2. Oh! Sweet Steve

If Steve Harvey was asleep last night when the mistake happened, then we’re sure somebody did wake him up. No one in the world thought in a different person but Harvey. In case you didn’t know, he was the one who made the same mistake on Miss Universe a couple of years ago. Of course, the first meme would be in his name.
Oscar 2017
3. What some people would’ve wanted to happen in US elections

If the Oscar went wrong, why wouldn’t the electoral system, right? That’s what many people wished yesterday. During the night, many celebrities, the host and even some winners showed their rejection to actual President Trump, and of course, the last mistake would be a reason to make a joke about it too.
Oscar 2017
4. Just like the movie

SPOILER>> For those who saw La La Land, we know the last scene was two sides screen showing the two possible finals of the movies if circumstances would’ve been different. As taken from the film it was the last moment from the Oscar night. Two separate results were La La Land had to cry at the end.
Oscar 2017
5. Don’t get them wrong

SPOILER>>”It’s Moonlight, not La La Land,” says the image. If you saw Arrival, you would understand perfectly. As the actors didn’t get it the first message from aliens, so did the presenters and then they had to read again. Genius!
Oscar 2017
6. Sweetest couple

Instagram people adore these two by themselves, and even more, when they get together as the beautiful couple, they’re. Many married couples showed up last night, but no doubt this was the favorite one for all iggers out there. With Chrissy best humor sense and that lovely John’s smile, who can resist them?
Oscar 2017
7. Two of a kind

We’re sure that taking a picture right next to Meryl Streep is almost like winning an Oscar. But, what happens when you’re the Oscar winner of the night? Yes, lucky Emma. She was so bright last night, and this picture is one of the best to remember.
Oscar 2017
8. People’s reaction

We can make an entire photograph collection of each single face in Dolby theater after the huge mistake that made La La Land and Moonlight winners. Anybody understood at first what was going on, but as soon as it was clear, everybody stood up and looked shocked!
Oscar 2017

9. Poor lucky woman

This lady in the picture was one of the lucky group that got to be at the Dolby Theater last night and met the most famous stars of the world. Denzel Washington also married her, and somebody just took this funny picture became viral in a few seconds with many messages like this one.
Oscar 2017
10. What do you think?

Although best makeup is not a controversial category, this time, everybody was shocked by the results. No surprises, because, we mean, it was Star Trek against the rest and probably was no comparison at all. Surprisingly, the award went to Suicide Squad, which despite having good makeup production, probably is not better than Star Trek.
Oscar 2017


No matter if you missed the show, we assure you find all you need on Instagram feed and discovery. Check the rest of funny thing and laugh about it!


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