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This Is How You Can Send Instagram Private Polls Through Direct Messages

Instagram has once again released a new update to keep its users happy. This time we are talking about the poll feature for Instagram Direct. Yes, you read that right, you are now allowed to send Instagram private polls through direct messages.

Initially, polls were designed exclusively for Instagram stories. Therefore, everyone who visited your profile was able to see what you posted. Fortunately, Instagram has now decided to implement an option to change that.

As we mentioned in the first paragraph, you are now allowed to send private polls through Instagram DMs. And today we will teach you how to do it.

Instagram polls

How To Send Instagram Private Polls Through DMs

In order to be able to send polls to a selected number of people, you need to follow a few simple steps. Don’t worry though, it’s not rocket science. Besides – we are here to guide you.

Here’s how you can send polls through Instagram Direct:

Instagram poll feature for stories

1. Open Instagram and open up your direct messages

The first step is always the simplest. First of all, you need to open up the photo-sharing app and enter your direct messages. To do so, simply tap the icon on the top right of your screen and you’ll be good to go.

Instagram direct messages

2. Take a Photo or Video

After that, you will need to look for the person you want to send the poll to. Once you have decided, simply tap the camera icon next to your friend’s photo and proceed to take a photo or record a video.

Instagram polls stories

3. Add The Poll Sticker

The next step is quite simple. Now that you have the photo or video you want to send, tap the sticker icon on the top of your screen. Doing so will open a small window of options from where you can choose different kinds of stickers. Select poll and get ready to follow the next step.

Instagram polls

4. Ask A Question

Finally, ask the question you want your friends to answer and send the poll to the contacts you selected. In little to no time, you will get a response from the contacts whose opinions matter to you.

Instagram poll


It goes without saying that Instagram has done a great job adding this new feature. We have control over who we want to answer our polls now. No more having to get answers from random people on Instagram.

At least not when we use DMs. What will Instagram bring us next?



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