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Learn How To Make Your Instagram Profile Private

Privacy is important when it comes to Instagram. People don’t often realize this, but they put themselves at risk when they allow everyone to find them online. However, just as it happens with Facebook, Instagram also allows you to configure your privacy.

This way, you can choose who can see your photos and avoid identity theft.

Now, if you don’t know much about Instagram and want to learn how to set your profile to private, stay with us as we would teach how to do it, in both Android and iOS.

How To Make Your Instagram Profile Private


To set your Instagram profile to private on an Android phone all you need to do is the following:

1. Open Instagram and Select the Profile Tab

It is as simple as that, just grab your phone and open the Instagram app. Once in there select the profile tab located at the bottom of the screen.

instagram profile to private

2. Select “Options”

After you have selected the profile tab, you will be able to see three dots in the upper part of your screen. Select it.

instagram profile to private

3. Select “Private Account”

By pressing the three dots in the upper part of your screen, Instagram will open the options section. Just scroll down and select Private Account.

instagram profile to private

4. Confirm

Instagram will then ask you if you want to change your profile to private. Press ok and enjoy of your new privacy.

instagram profile to private


In general, setting an Instagram profile to private is a piece of cake. However, there is a small difference when it comes to iOs devices. But don’t worry it’s nothing from the other world.

To change the privacy on your Instagram from an iOS device, follow the step 1 from above and then select  in the upper part on the right.

This little gear  is the equivalent to the options menu on Android.

instagram profile to private

As you can see it only takes a minute of your time to change your Instagram profile from public to private. Now you have the power to decide who can see your content.



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