Instagram question sticker feature

The New Instagram Question Sticker Feature Is Now A Reality

Instagram has once again released a new update and this time it has to do with Instagram Stories. The photo-sharing app has released a new feature now known as the Instagram question sticker.

Today, we will tell you everything you need to know about such feature and the things you can do with it.

Instagram question sticker feature

How Does The Question Sticker Feature Work?

Unlike the Instagram poll stickers and the emoji sliders, this new feature is somewhat different. The question sticker feature allows users to actually submit questions to the people they follow when visiting their stories.

However, in order to submit a question, the person who posts a story has to add the sticker first. Otherwise, users cannot make questions directly.

Instagram's new feature

How To Add A Question Sticker To Your Stories?

Adding a question sticker to your stories is really easy. All you need to do is to upload a story as you would normally do and then click the sticker icon on the top of the screen.

Doing so will make a small window pop up from where you can select a lot of different options. Next to the emoji sliders, you will be able to find a sticker that reads the word questions.

Tap it and write whichever question you want to ask. Now, keep in mind this feature does not only allow you to ask questions but also to let others submit them. This way you can interact with your followers in a matter of seconds

How to add the question sticker on Instagram stories?


According to Instagram, the goal of adding this new feature is to get people to interact even when there is no a photo or video to share. Additionally, adding this feature also motivates users to keep posting new content very often.

Instagram stickers

Final Thoughts

At this point, we can only conclude by saying we are more than happy with how Instagram works to provide us with new and exciting features. The Question Sticker Feature, despite being new, has already captivated the attention of millions of people around the world.

And of course, our own as well. Now, we just have to wait until the photo-sharing app decides to amaze us with fresh and new.


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