What is Instagram Reels

Nowadays, the main rivalry in modern social media networks is clearly the one between Instagram and TikTok. They are two of the most used among young people, and they are constantly trying to improve their filters, their effects and mostly their functions. It’s Instagram’s turn now to fight back. As they are now launching a video-music remix feature. Fun!

Tiktok vs Instagram

Instagram Reels Feature

So, the first thing we need to do is to uncover what this new Instagram feature is all about. To put it simply, Reels lets you make 15-second video clips where you can add music, effects, etc. And it goes without saying that you can share the final product on Stories. 

Of course, this sets you on the road to go viral on a new Top Reels section of Explore. Much like TikTok, Instagram users can soundtrack their Reels with a huge catalog of music. But, it’s not just limited to that. As a matter of fact, users can also borrow the audio from anyone else’s video to create a remix of their meme or joke.

Here’s the thing though. Reels were originally launched on Instagram last November. But the feature has been limited to just Brazil, where its name is Cenas. Everyone else is still waiting for its reach to expand to other areas of the world. At least as a test to see how it actually works.

Reels leverages all of Instagram’s most popular features to Frankenstein-together a remarkably coherent competitor to TikTok’s rich features and community of 1.5 billion monthly users. Including 122 million in the U.S. Instead of trying to start from scratch like Facebook’s Lasso, Instagram could cross-promote Reels heavily to its own billion users.

Instagram Reels Feature

Trial start

The choice of starting its trial in Brazil before potentially rolling out elsewhere could help Instagram nail down its customization and selling strategy. Luckily, Brazil has a big Instagram population, a deeply musical culture, and a thriving creator community.

So, it is a very accurate population in which to test it. Also, it is not a population that is already knee-deep in their use of TikTok as other countries. 

In a nutshell, the reason why Instagram reels is only available in Brazil at the moment is simple. Brazilians do not use TikTok as much as other countries in South America. 

Instagram Reels in Brazil

In Conclusion

Wrapping up, when this new feature finally gets released worldwide. We will be able to find it in the Instagram Stories shutter modes tray next to boomerang and Super-Zoom.

They can either record with silence, borrow the audio of another video they find through hashtag search or Explore, or we will even be able to search a popular or trending song.

So, tell us, what do you think about this feature? Do you think it can compete against Tiktok? 


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