Believe us when we say you want to keep calling him Salt Bae. Otherwise, you can start practicing how to pronounce Nusret Gökçe. Yes, we told you! We better keep Salt Bae. He´s a famous Turkish chef with fantastic steak restaurants in the fanciest places and recently has gained the position as the first viral meme of 2017.

You probably have one handsome and charismatic chef friend who loves to cook in his way and like to share his final results on Instagram. Does your friend have more than 7M of views on one video? We don´t think so, but this eccentric chef does. Look how cool he is beyond his incredible video.

1. Cows love him

We know this is a weird video, but weird is his thing. Let´s face it, in some way; it´s also adorable to watch a grown man sharing a quality love moment with a big animal, not to mention the future of this cow, tho. But look at how she licks all his face giving him some sugar.

2. Riri knows best

No many people can say Rihanna has T-shirt with his face on, but this crazy dude does. The famous singer is well known for being even more eccentric than the chef, and she couldn´t wait to wear that crazy T-shirt to show how fan she is. Although it´s not the first time Rihanna shows her love for a character wearing customized pieces, this is one of her best.

Salt Bae and Rihanna

3. A tennis steak

Only by being this famous you can be next to one of the greatest tennis players in the world, and act like you´re about to stab him. But Roger Federer doesn´t seem like he´s worried at all, he might be asking him to salt a tennis racket for luck.

4. El Padrino

Yes, we know that you´re saying “Unconsciously I figured out that he might speak like Marlon Brando.” We don´t know if he can recreate one single scene, but definitely, he´s the godfather of Instagram crazy chefs.

Salt Bae

5. Is that Pacquiao?

We didn´t know much about Manny Pacquiao after his last defeat. Is it possible that he´s turned out into this chef? We´re kidding! But seriously, look at him, there´s a huge resemblance, is there? What we do know, is that he´s totally in shape and ready to beat some steaks.

6. Someone scared Leo out

Can you tell what Leonardo Di Caprio is thinking by judging his face? We can´t. But look at him, he´s a living witness of the most shareable meme moment of 2017. Salt Bae is salting his meal right in front of his eyes. Sorry, Leo, you might have an Oscar, but everyone loves this chef right now.

Salt Bae

7. No, he´s not a pornstar

But he might just invent a new way of doing it. We can think a thousand different things when seeing this video. Where can we start? The way he spanks the steak as if it´s a dirty girl and he´s on intimacy? Or maybe the fact that he plays classic music to prepare and salt it? Judge yourself.

We can keep on posting crazy moments of this character, but maybe we should stop by now and let you explore his entire account. Let us know what you think and what´s your favorite moment of them all!


  1. I don’t even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was great. I don’t know who you are but certainly you are going to a famous blogger if you aren’t already 😉 Cheers!


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