Welcome to a little class of Instagram hacks! Either you’re a fan or a newbie, this list will help you. We will teach a few little Instagram secrets, which most people don’t like to share for their benefit. But, we’ve discovered them for you. It’s time for you to know how to take the best from the app. Also, one or two of the next tricks are life-saving. So, we warn you. You may want to know more after reading this piece.

Nevertheless, we recommend you to be wise on Instagram secrets. It’s better to know all the options you have first, and how do they work. Once you master the theory, put everything you’ll learn in the following lines into practice. Finally, be comfortable and enjoy this ride through the other side of the app.

1. Where are my liked posts?
Once you get into Instagram, it’s almost magical, but you start double tapping a lot of the posts on your feed. Sometimes, it’s like an unconscious move. Furthermore, there are times when you didn’t want to tap. Maybe, you’re moving too fast, or this is something you mechanically do. But after long double tap sessions through all these years, you might still wonder: “Where are those liked post going?”.

If you use other platforms like Tumblr, it is easy to find those posts. With a simple heart shape on the options, you know where to go. On the other hand, we’ve got Twitter’s favorites. On favorite’s sections, you can chronologically find all the tweets you pressed “Like.” Moreover, other people can see it too. So, can you find your favorites on Instagram?

The answer is yes. Therefore, the only thing you need to do is: go to your profile and click on “Options” three dots. Once you’re in, scroll all the way down to “Account” section. Finally, press on “Post you’ve liked” and discover the universe of what you liked.

Instagram Secrets

2. Create collections

Are you a control freak? Don’t worry, Instagram knows you are. Sometimes, we have unique niches to look at the platform. Thence, we need to save posts separately to keep order. Because, you know, holding posts is never enough. Thanks to heaven, Instagram created something called “Collections.” It’s an extra thing for the recent “Saved posts” feature everybody loved.

Luckily, there’s no a rocket science behind this excellent feature. It’s easy to find it and use it. You just need to go to your profile. Once already there, look for the “Bookmark” on the top right corner, next to “Tagged pictures.” Press the icon, and select “Collections.” Now, put a name on it and press “Done.” Finally, go back to your feed and every time you need to add something, look for the “Bookmark” press and hold, then “Add to Collections.”

Instagram Secrets

3. Turn off notifications

For some of us, it’s a bit annoying to receive notifications. Even though when we like to see how many people comment on our pic, perhaps we want to check it out by ourselves. Or, sometimes we don’t care when somebody posts for the first time in a while, and so on. Therefore, there’s something we can do to avoid this particular bubbles on our screen.

It’s as natural as breathing. The only few steps you need to follow are these: first, go back again to your profile. Then, press on the three dots up on the right corner. Scroll down to “Settings” and find the “Push Notifications” options. Ultimately, you can disable all the notifications as you please, even those we didn’t mention above.

Instagram Secrets

4. Make a new filter’s order

If you love to play with filters and edition options, then, you’re going to love this. As you know, we’ve used Instagram for a while. By now, we can know exactly what we like and what we don’t. We are aware of the tricks, the time for posting and so on. So, we know what makes our pictures look the best. Therefore, we know what filters are useful and which ones are not.

In any case, there’s an easy way of reordering filters or get rid of them. Just try to post as you always do. When you get to the filters edition page, swipe until the end of the options where you’ll find “Manage.”. To reorder, just hold the filter, and move it to place you want to. On the other hand, if you want to hide it, press on the “Checkmark.”

Instagram Secrets

5. Don’t let anybody see your search history

Online history is a nightmare many people don’t know. Unfortunately, some us are very aware of this subject. Due to a relationship problem, or just because we’re geek enough to know about this. In any case, this Instagram secret can save your day, so pay attention on how to set it up. Believe us when we say, you want to erase your search history to avoid others know about what you look for on the platform.

Once said that, start your mission. First, go to your profile, and click on the three dots again (we know, here’s all the good stuff to control your destiny). Secondly and finally, scroll all the way down until you find the “Clear search history” option. That’s it! Thank us later.

Instagram Secrets

We prepared you for being a little Instagram hacker. Wait for the rest of secrets we have to tell you and comment those you want to share. Don’t keep the good stuff just for yourself!


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