Kylie Jenner, Instagram For Selling Makeup

Makeup brands are on the top of popular brands on Instagram. They’re trendsetters when it comes to visuals and strategies. Therefore, selling makeup on Instagram is not just a topic for makeup fans but for everyone who wants to learn the best practices. If you’re a makeup brand, then this is perfect for you. If not, we recommend you to keep an eye on the following pieces of advice. Ultimately, they’re going to help you understand how real you should be for selling makeup or any other product. Sit down, read what we have to say and enjoy the perks of being on the makeup market.

1. Try those colors

The package is beautiful, and it looks fantastic in the photograph. But, we want to see it on real skin. Meaning, we want you to use it or test even if it’s your arm. Perhaps, you can do something creative like a bracelet using the colors. Also, we want you to move it, so we can be able to see how it reacts to different lights and angles. Remember, your audience is not the same audience from 20 years ago. We don’t want to be tricked. We want the real thing. Ultimately, we want you to show how amazing it is, compared to others.

2. Show diversity
Makeup brands are not on Instagram top for no reason. Instead, they’re on top because they understand perfectly how the visual field works these days. In fact, they even know that their audience isn’t female only. Otherwise, men play a big part in the makeup market now. Therefore, there’s a big word that never goes away when planning a strategy: “Diversity.” Eventually, if a brand doesn’t understand the power of that word, it will fail.

Diversity involves male on the market now. However, this isn’t the only thing we should consider. In fact, we have to look again to our primary audience: women. Are we embracing female diversity on our makeup brand? Do we think¬†of all kind of skins? Indeed, we can ask ourselves a thousand questions, and certainly, they need a proper answer. Otherwise, we have to make something to repair our fault because we want to take the best of our products and brand.

Selling Makeup

3. Invite Influencers

What’s the point of having a fantastic product if no one validates it? Exactly, we need to attract Influencers because they’re going to be the first on doing so. They are going to be the first to try your makeup properly. So, you have to make sure the product is good enough for getting a high score. Don’t worry if you don’t have a big budget to hire Kim Kardashian. All the opposite, you’ve got a big chance with a small budget too.

How? Well, have you ever heard about micro Influencers? If so, this is the time when you can use them. On the contrary, if you don’t know what that is, then, we’ll tell you in a few words. Micro Influencers are people who have a lower amount of followers than big ones, but they have a huge engagement rate. Thus, they build a trust-worthy relationship with their supporters. As a result, people believe them most than any other famous Influencers.

4. Live makeup sessions

A great and new strategy for selling makeup on Instagram is Live Streamings. Probably, you don’t know how to take the best from it yet, and that’s ok. As we said, it’s still new for almost everybody, and it’s ok if we make a few mistakes while testing. Although, it shouldn’t stop you from using it because there are a few basics you can start with.

Selling makeup on Instagram has to be as attractive as in life. Thence, live streaming is the most realistic prove you could give to your audience. Needless to say, we want you to try your makeup without filters and camera tricks. Even though, we want you to do it under good lighting and high-quality resolution. If you decide to talk or play music, then, we also want good sound. Finally, you can reward your audience for sharing their time with you.

5. Show something new

Whether using a new makeup technique or a co-branding campaign, please try something new. Selling makeup on Instagram may seem easy, but it takes a lot of work. Either is competition for quality or fame. You always have to try to be the best. At least, if you can’t be the best, you have to try being original and creative. It’s necessary to search for new talents or involve fans in the process.

Selling Makeup

Selling makeup on Instagram is about listening to the audience mostly. By doing this, you can discover trends, requests, talents, Influencers, and even possible Brand Ambassadors. Open your eyes widely and prepare your ears to hear everything. Don’t forget that co-branding is also important. Sharing space with other related companies is a sign of strength.


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