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Instagram’s new phenomenon isn’t 20 or even 30 years old. This handsome man is 49! Yes, you heard it perfectly. The Italian entrepreneur shocked the world when he showed up with the also handsome Zac Efron in one of their trips together. Since then, Gianluca started a new revolution of funny and sexy videos where he dances rather alone or with her wife and friends,  guided by the rhythm of the latest Latino hits.

1. An intimate shower

If you are a girl, please try to calm yourself down. We know this picture is too much! This man really knows how to heat up Instagram and this photo proves it. Gianluca took one minute before his night shower for showing us how hot he looks with a lot of water over his body. No shame!

Gianluca Vacchi
(via @gianlucavacchi)

2. Riding a horse

We bet you always wanted a pony, right? But now you want a horse… This horse! With the rider included. This photo reminds us the first steps of Gianluca on Instagram. Remember that time he was riding with Zac Efron? This is as good, though.

Gianluca Vacchi
(via @gianlucavacchi)

3. God bless art

This handsome man has a lot of money, but he thinks that he’s the best piece of art he can buy. He’s a higher exponential of a wealthy lifestyle, and he wants to spread his love for a fun a free life. His methods are not so orthodox, but we understand the message of the naked man inside a glass box.

Gianluca Vacchi
(via @gianlucavacchi)

4. Throwbacks are always OK

When you know all your videos are beloved by your audience, mix them up and prepare a great throwback post. Gianluca showed us his videos from 2013 and we still love like the first day we saw them.

5. A good tuxedo needs no shoes

Who needs shoes when you’re handsome, rich and famous? He loves the barefoot style and shows the world how to rock on a fancy tuxedo without even care about the shoes, and still looking fly. We don’t want this be trending but we can accept it from him.

Gianluca Vacchi
(via @gianlucavacchi)

6. Your wife is as funny as you are

If you’re crazy about life, you need a partner as crazy as you are. Her wife seems so cool joining him in choreographies that it makes the video looks better. Besides, have you seen her closer? She’s hot too.

7. Breaking into a fashion shoot dressed like a girl

All models are always nervous during a photo shoot, and Gianluca knows it. That’s why he decided to bring some humor on the set arriving in a Vespa and wearing a long white dress, ready for making those girls smile and chill.

8.Make Pitbull proud

Put a handsome and tan couple together and that’s just fine. Now add a Pitbull’s song on the background and watch them dance, that’s how you make a viral video. This clip has more than 12M views, almost the double of his followers.

9. Spending quality time with a famous friend

For those who don’t know, this fancy fella is apparently obsessed with Latino music. Besides, he’s friends with almost any famous person all over the world, so one of the most important Reggaeton artists is on his list too. Gianluca joined JBalvin on Milano, partying all over the city and made this cool video.

Try not to fall in love with this man, please. Just enjoy his party in every video and picture of his, and share your favorite moment with us!



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