Surprise, surprise! Instagram Stories Ads are here. Yes, you didn’t imagine it, it was not a hallucination. You’re perfectly fine, and no ghosts are invading your profile. The new feature for companies is here, and there’s nothing we can do about it. Therefore, you need to know the first news and try to understand what’s coming next on the platform.

We are aware you’re barely accepting the regular ads yet, but that’s how Social Media works, as fast as you can almost control it. Also, we can understand that at first hand you feel this is too much because Instagram Stories is just a few months older and maybe it is too soon to make it an ads machine. But remember once again, storytelling features are gaining more and more territory every day, as you can see on WhatsApp and now Facebook, which has a similar section like Instagram Stories.

Why are they here?

New ads are not a random experiment the company is trying on. In case you didn’t know, more than 150 M people are active users on Instagram Stories, and just 50M joined in the last three months, according to Jim Squires, Market Operations Director. This means that it’s an accepted way of sharing moments and a good channel for companies, which also increased their number in audience thanks to the feature.

Which brands are the first to use it?

For the US, around 30 brands gave the first shot on Instagram Stories Ads. Brands like Nike, Airbnb and Capital One, favorites among the group that tries all new features and are a reference due to their proper use of Social Media content and channels. But now, it’s available for all business globally, which means that you can give it a try as soon as you’re clear on how to use it.

Instagram Stories Ads

Stories Insights

This is a new tool for Instagram business, especially for those who love measure every single step they take on the platform and were desperate to control Instagram Stories’ reach, replies, impressions and more for every Story you publish. Furthermore, you can learn a lot from your audience’s behavior, how is their frequency, the stories that are likable and what to keep using or trash.

Is it bad or good?

We bet it’s excellent. If by now you have earned a whole new territory of intimacy with your audience creating more emotional pieces of content for Instagram Stories. Imagine all the things you could do if you use all the data from Insights new tool and build new story lines for and specific target and promote it. Results are going to be fascinating, and we can’t wait for you to use it and tell us how it works.

How are the testing brands using it?

Of course, they’re not advertising the brand; they’re pointing to value content. If brands have learned something, it would be that, to create a story to make the world better, also sells better. Now they use this philosophy to connect with different audiences that may seem far away from their reach but have many things in common when it comes to stories target. So, no matter what, you need to keep digging on the art of creating quality content that makes a change in the world or a particular community.

The video is also an important element in the way that brands are testing the new feature. If you’re in a country where Internet connection speed is splendid, then please go ahead and keep thinking in videos. Otherwise, you’re forgiven and can stay thinking in images and graphics.

What are the benefits?

  • You’re paying for ads on your user’s favorite space and unknown target audience who may love your stories too.
  • No all companies are ready to use this, so you may be the first and let others follow you.
  • It’s already tested by powerful brands around the world, and it worked. So you’re trying what is approved.
  • Now you have two options instead of one: ads on Newsfeed or Stories.

Instagram Stories Ads

How much Instagram charges?

This type of ads attends to reach. Therefore, Instagram will cost a budget per each 1000 users that your ad reaches. Although it won’t be so expensive as other campaigns, you need to be clear on your goals and budget, so you won’t get charged more than you wanted to.

And Finally…

When creating the piece for your ad, please keep in mind a few things:

  • Remember to keep a fitting top and low edge because users now can click on your avatar and see the word “sponsored.”
  • It takes over the entire screen so that you can play with a lot of ideas.
  • The sound in videos is outstanding. More than 70% of the videos are watched with the volume on.
  • Videos get 15 sec and photos only 5.
  • About proportions: both formats are 9:16, and the recommended resolution is 1080 x 1920 p.
  • Save videos in MP4 or MOV less than 4 GB, and keep photos in PNG or JPG less than 40 MB.

There you go! A new blank page to play with and create a whole new world of opportunities for your company. Don’t be afraid of new things, and instead, enjoy the pleasure of having our guide to let you in. Share your thoughts with us!



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