New Features For Insagram Stories

Instalovers, be prepared for this amazing news! Instagram stories get better and better every day, far from being a Snapchat copy, it’s cooler than ever. The platform has just released three new features we already knew and used before but now adapted for our fresh 24 hrs stories. Although one of the features is only available for verified users, we’re sure these actions are going to take our content to another level and we can’t wait to use them!

1. Boomerang

If you don’t know Boomerang, we explain to you what this is: a video app that takes a burst photos and stitches them together into short videos like a gif. The app was launched past year and it definitely became famous, turning normal moments into funny simulated gifs. Now it’s easier to use because you don’t even have to open the app separately. If you’re creating Instagram Stories, swipe right to use Boomerang!

Boomerang for Instagram Stories
(via Refinery29)

2. Mentions
Finally! This is the most expected feature for Instagram Stories. Because sharing is caring,  and you need to let the world know who your partner in crime is. Now, with the same basic steps, you can mention a person in your pic: type “@”, usernames will automatically appear, and up to 10 people can be tagged. People tagged will be notified.

Mentions for Instagram Stories
(via Instagram)

3. Links

Don’t get so excited about this. At least not yet, Instagram says. Despite brands are not the only ones able to share awesome content, by now, links are in a trial period for verified accounts only. People like Kylie Jenner or Rihanna could share links to any article, product, or piece of content they find interesting and we could watch it. The hyperlink will be added to a particular story, we can tap on the link to view the content and tap “See more” to get the full information.

Links for Instagram Stories
(via Instagram)

One bonus before you go…

We know you’re a little bit disappointed on Links for Instagram Stories, but cheer up! Although this isn’t about Instagram Stories, we have another thing to tell you and you’ll love it. The link era is here to stay on Instagram and now, it’ll help you on shopping. Instagram announced plans for shoppable posts. These will have a “tap to view” on the bottom left, then you can see the shoppable products and prices. Cool, right?

The shopping time on Instagram is closer! By now, you can have some fun with Boomerang and mentions for Instagram Stories, unless you’re a famous person with verified account. Then you can link us too.



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