Instagram Stories Live Launch Worldwide

If you´re an ordinary mortal, then this is big news! The waiting is over, and now you’re on the same level than big stars with verified accounts or your privileged friends. It’s time for you to start applying that Instagram Stories Live strategy prepared months ago when the company first launched the test only in some countries.

Moreover, if you´re just a spectator, then this are big news for you too. It´s time for you to watch live tutorials from your favorite accounts, watch amazing concerts and private parties from a different perspective and see how your Instagram artists give a more personal view with this feature, just as the company said.

Goodbye Snapchat?

Although these are bad news for Snapchat, we can´t complain at all. Now we´ve got the chance we wanted for the last months of 2016, and there´s no time for crying on the rest of our apps. It´s an excellent move from Instagram, and we have to applaud it.

The issue between companies started past 2016 when Instagram (or Mark Zuckerberg) declared war to Snapchat (or Evan Spiegel) and started Instagram Stories. At first, it seemed to be that Instagram was copying the ghost app and it won´t work out. On the contrary, Instagram Stories became more and more famous, gaining over than 100M new users for the app. Probably, due to the fast upload and less RAM consume which is a big problem for Snapchat users.

After all the new updates, Instagram beat Snapchat and won the war with the announced of Instagram Stories Live available for the entire world after several weeks of testing. Even though this doesn´t mean Snapchat´s end, it´ll be a huge problem for the white ghost and maybe for Periscope.

How to use it?

First of all, you need to know, a few things: you have to download the app´s update first, and still it might take a while before you see the new tool. Also, keep in mind that once you´re done with the transmission, no one can see it again, there’s no repetition, so what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

Now that you know those small but important details, no matter if you already knew about the use or don´t, this is the way you can start the fun:

1- Check the connection. Even though you can use your mobile data to make the streaming, we recommend you to connect to Wi-Fi. Otherwise, you´ll use up your internet data shortly.

2- Open Instagram, go to your timeline, press your profile picture or swipe right to your Instagram Stories section. Down next to camera, boomerang and hands-free options, you´ll find a new one “Live.”

Instagram Stories Live

3- Once you´re ready to start your streaming, check all the lights, connection, sound, people involved and content, you can press the button and initiate the adventure. Remember, this will be deleted after you end the transmission.

4- It’s free! So you don’t have to worry about anything but to create good streamings that please your audience. Make sure you know how it works, and watch some examples first.

Instagram Stories Live

5- You´ll know somebody is Live when the word appears under their profile photo in the Instagram Stories bar. Then, click on it as you normally do and start watching.

Now you only have to go to your app store and download the update. Then, try it wisely and tell us about your experience. Is it rapid enough? Does it hear right? All of your users can watch it? Put your words down bellow in our comments site and contribute to the community!


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