Do you want to have the best stories on New Year’s Eve? Then, this is the place where you’re going to get the help you need to accomplish that. As you know, Instagram has been updating all its platform, but specially launched unique features for Instagram Stories since this is the reason why they’ve increased their user during this year. Naturally, they give to the audience what they want to get, and there’s nothing we wanted more for our Stories than fancy elements for personalizing our best insta moments.

Now it’s the perfect time for your creativity, and you should be prepared to give your best on New Year’s Eve. Therefore, we listed the new features and simple ways of how to use them for better results. Don’t be afraid of using all of them. Everything’s valid on New Year’s Eve, and you have to take advantage of what’s given to you, in order o get the best result. Also, you can see what the big brands are doing with this features, so you have a bigger idea of what it should look alike. Besides, you’ll find out that there’s an intuitive way of setting up all the new features and they only make your life easier and funnier!

1. Multiple text boxes

One sentence is never enough! Instagram’s smart and know that we have this literary necessity to fill up. When we are posting a story, sometimes we need to write a dialogue or many thoughts. Therefore, the single text box we had, wasn’t enough. We need multiple boxes to make our point right, and now we’ve got it! Be creative and give a movement or a sound to your text, let that script writer spirit comes out and have fun. You can use it for bringing alive to some characters that don’t get the chance to speak, like a dog or a cat.

2. Instagram Stickers

Don’t scream too loud! You knew this was coming, and finally, it’s here! How many times you wished that you could add some funny sticker on your face or decorate a picture to make it even more special? Well, those days are over! Stickers are here to stay, and what’s even better, they’ll be seasonal! What does that mean? That you’ll get the original emojis, you’re used to, plus some changing overlay stickers according to the time of the year i.e. now you can find some cool Christmas sweaters, hats, cookies and so on. Besides, there’s a special sticker for your current location, time and weather. These last ones are special for you coming back home and post your current location, so your homies know that you’re back!

Instagram Stories Features

3. Candy cane brush!

How sweet this can get? As sweet as a candy cane. As if the neon brush is not cool enough, we get this nice surprise with our favorite candy of the season. Now you can decorate all your pictures, by making a perfect hand lettering signal, framing your shots or just putting sticks randomly. Also, you ca find a candy cane heart within the stickers, but don’t limit your skills, get creative, and make the sweetest Instagram Stories!

Instagram Stories Features

4. Hands-Free video recording

This feature is for the sing along fanatics out there! It’s time for you to challenge Mariah Carrey on her famous Christmas songs and play all your cards on a video for Instagram Stories. Now, you have no excuses. You don’t need anyone else for recording. You can do it by yourself! Place your cell phone in the right place, get the perfect light and silence, press the button and let the magic happens!

You don’t need to wish you have an iPhone anymore. If you’re an Android user, this is for you too. Also, you and your family can use this tool to send a great family friendly message to all your friends and relatives far away from home. No doubt this tool gives a lot of freedom for your video recording and New Year’s Eve is the perfect time to try it.

Instagram Stories Features

Get ready and plan the best shots! We want to see the best from you, and you use those stickers. By the way, each sticker has different variations if you tap on them! And the candy cane is changing colors as you please! So, hurry up and give it a try before the serious deal.


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