Instagram Stories Tricks
Want to know how to view someone's IG Story secretly?

We’re all able to check whoever’s Instagram we want without them knowing. But, this doesn’t necessarily apply to all Instagram features. For example, when someone checks a user’s Story, Instagram adds you to the viewer list. 

So, is it possible to just check someone’s Story in secret? Well, fortunately for you, it is. And today we are going to teach you exactly how to do it. 

Instagram Stories Trick

1. View An Instagram Story From Within The App

The first way in which you can see an Instagram Story secretly is from the app itself. In fact, all you have to do is follow a few simple steps. First of all, open up the app and go to the home screen. There, you will get a list of new Stories your friends have posted. Then, look for the person whose Story you want to see. 

Next, tap on the Story before or after the one that you really want to see. Finally, all you have to do is swipe left or right – but not entirely. As long as you don’t completely swipe to the Story you want to see, you will not be shown in the viewer’s list. 

Unfortunately,  this method has some limits. For example, it only works to see photos but not videos. Additionally, using this method also means you can only see the first Story post, but not every single one the user shares.

Nevertheless, there is a second method you can follow that will help you achieve your goal. 

How to view Instagram stories secretly

2. View An Instagram Story With A Third Party App

There is of course, a different way in which one can view an Instagram Story without being detected. All you need to do is download a third party app that will vary depending on whether you use Android or iOS. 

For Android users, we recommend downloading Story Saver. This free app allows you to look for any Instagram user and download their Stories, as well as share them and repost them. 

How to download Instagram stories

Finally, iOS users can download an app called Story Reposter. Now, this app allows users to repost anyone’s Instagram Story without appearing in the viewer list. Nonetheless, if you are only looking to see the Stories rather than reposting them, you can also tap the share button and download them directly to your phone. 

How to secretly watch Instagram stories on iOS


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