It’s a new year, and, a new opportunity for being amazed by Instagram and their particular way of launching cool features. Of course, we couldn’t say goodbye to the first month of the year without good news. Hence, we’ve seen different things on our Instagram Stories feed. Yes, stop worrying about to try to figure out, and say hello to how to use GIFs in your stories. And no, it’s not from Snapchat.

So, what’s new?

While everybody was expecting the new fonts feature, Instagram surprised us with another cool tool. Now, you can use GIFs on Instagram Stories. And honestly, we can’t complain about it. Especially, now that we merge GIFs for almost any conversation we have. Also, we love to see it on any Social Media platform. Even big brands couldn’t escape from the GIF fever, and they’ve created originals or used the good popular ones.

What’s even better, the feature is powered by Gihphy, which is one of the biggest sources for GIFs on the Internet. Meaning, we’ve got a huge library of cool topics, and hopefully, it will get better.  Also, we can add this feature in the form of a sticker, for both video and pictures. After WhatsApp joined the trend, we thought there was nothing better than that. However, Instagram made the final move.

How to use it?

Well, it’s as simple as you regularly do. First of all,  create a story. Secondly, go to the stickers options. There, besides locations, hashtags, temperature, time, selfie and polls, you’ll find a new button, which is GIF. Therefore, we’ll see some preset options. Nevertheless, we can also use the browser and search for an original one. Finally, you only need to place it in the perfect place.

use gifs

What’s coming next?

Certainly, this is not the entire news. In fact, Instagram made another announces the last few days. Thus, we’re expecting things like uploading pictures and videos of any size to stories. Similarly, when people upload any time of the content, they won’t longer need to adjust to a different proportion.

Nevertheless, the rest of the space will be filled by a color that matches to the photo or video. Furthermore, we’ll an adjust the size at the moment. Therefore, we will only need to use our finger to readjust the visuals, either in vertical, horizontal or square format.

use gifs

What about the fonts promise?

For those “only text” fanatics, here comes the big deal. Soon enough, you’ll be able to add stories made only with text. Yes, no images needed. Besides, the user will not need to create a background to do so. Instead, you’ll see a new option at the bottom of the screen called “type”. Afterwards, it will allow you to add a background where you want to write on and some fonts options.

Sounds cool, huh? Sadly, we can only have fun with GIFs at the moment. But, we surely won’t have to wait longer for the rest of the features. So, for those who want to start the fun already, the update is working for 29 version, both for iOS and Android.



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