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October is perhaps, one of the most creative months of the year. We’ve got a lot of contests, fashion shows, events and such. But, the most important date this month is undoubted, Halloween. That time of the year that many people plan for days and moths. Therefore, we can’t expect less from the new on Instagram.

Instagram decided to make us happier by setting new amazing features to make our Halloween posts better. Although, most of them are primarily for Instagram Stories since it’s the most used from the platform. But, no complains! So we invite you to scroll down and find out these cool features with us!

1. Go Live With
Although, the function was first tested in August, recently, we’re all able to try this amazing new stuff from Instagram Stories. Admittedly, this move makes Instagram a stronger competitor for Snapchat. Anyway, what you need to know is that now you can not only go live alone but with a friend.

Yes, as you read, you can now invite a friend a prepare a live streaming together. How’s that so? Well, once you start the transmission, the screen will split into two parts. You on top and your friend below. Furthermore, people will be able to keep commenting and sending love with many hearts. So, you can start now show, interview, or anything crazy you imagine now.

Therefore, all you need to do is start a live video. Secondly, invite friends to connect, begin to chat with them and interact with all your followers. Besides, at the end of the transmission, you can download the video and save it for future moments. And, if you’re invited, you can always get out of the transmission anytime you want.

New On Instagram

2. Rainbow Text

Say goodbye to the old boring one color text or multiple lines in different colors. It’s time to say hello to Rainbow Text for Instagram Stories. Besides, it promotes by itself the PRIDE guidelines that Instagram supports for a while. Even though if it’s not for pride purposes, you can always use this feature for plenty of things.

By now, you should probably know how to change text color. Also, you might know how to turn it letter by letter. But, now you only need to watch a short tutorial from Instagram to do so in one step and create a beautiful rainbow text.

First of all, type something and select the entire text. Secondly, tap and hold a color. The third part is a bit hard, but it only takes practice. Therefore, you need to use both fingers, one in the color palette and the other on text to drag across the colors and text. Lastly, don’t forget to do it slowly.

New On Instagram

3. Super Zoom
Time to go dramatic and create compelling stories. Some people say that this is the best creation of Instagram Stories itself. On the other hand, some people hate it. But, it’s common at first. Nevertheless, we can’t doubt this is a fantastic resource for those who love to make fun of everything and create drama from nothing.

Dramatic Chipmunk has a lot of competition now since the feature launched. Although, this effect is not entirely new or unknown because a lot of YouTubers use it very often. Now, you can get creative not only with yourself but with your pets. Imagine all the fantastic and funny stuff you can create from exaggerating reactions!

The only thing you need to do is update your app, first of all. Then, go to your Instagram Stories camera¬†and go down below where the options are. Select the “superzoom” option and just press the button to start to have some real fun! Plus, it adds suspenseful music to make it more dramatic.

New On Instagram

4. Halloween Filters and Stickers
Ok, you need to hurry up to use this feature because it’s only available until 2 November. Thence, there’s no chance to think it about it twice if you don’t want to miss the fun. Just for Halloween, Instagram launched new filters for those horror fanatics who enjoy the festivity. Even if you don’t like the costume thing, you can always use it to go with the flow. Therefore, you only need t swipe filters until you find the creepy ones!

What would we do now without stickers? Apparently, we can no longer communicate something without good stickers. Well, Halloween is not the exception. Instagram planned a package of stickers for you to use them during the festivities while hanging out with friends or to prepare costumes. Similarly to filters, you only need to swipe on stickers and scroll until you find them.

5. Bright Filter
Well, this is the oldest one on the list. So, you probably know it by now. But, you may not understand why it’s so popular, and we want to tell the story. Likely, the rainbow filter, this brighten one claimed for many for several months. Previously, this year we saw a lot of professional pictures using this effect. Although, the one they use was due to natural resources like the sun itself and other tools to capture light.

Luckily, we don’t longer have to wait for a professional photographer to do it. Now, we can do it by ourselves just by finding a good pose, swipe across filters and click. Amazing, huh? We bet you want to try it now that you know the full story.
New On Instagram

So, here they are, the most recent feature you should be trying by now. We loved all of that stuff, and we hope you enjoyed too. Please, share with us your thoughts and experiments.


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