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Add Links To Your Stories On Instagram

When it comes to Instagram, the list of things we can do is endless. From simply posting photos to even starting a business. The photo-sharing app has arrived to help us with what we need. And in this case, we would like to talk about one of its so many features –  the Instagram “swipe up” tool.

The Instagram swipe up tool was created in order to help both brands and people to promote their content. However, we have to remember that it’s only available to use for people who have over 10,000 followers.

It sounds disappointing, we know. But, think about it! The idea of launching this type of feature was to help brands and people to promote content through links. Therefore, they would need a large enough audience.

It simply makes sense. Having said that, let’s see a few of the reasons why this Instagram feature is so amazing.

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How Does The Instagram Swipe Up Tool Help Us?

There is more than one way in which this not so recent feature can help both brands and people. The traffic it can generate is just one small example. However, there is more that this tool can do for us. Here are a few benefits of using swipe up on Instagram.

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Website Traffic

The main benefit of using the swipe up feature is the traffic it can get for us. Nowadays, many Instagram users visit the Stories of their favourite brands or influencers. Therefore, the swipe up tool is great to add a link to our website.

We know for a fact that people with an audience get great results when they are trying to promote something. So, if you add a link to your Stories, a high percentage of your followers will actually get on it.

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Promote Anything

With the Instagram swipe up feature, you can do more than simply adding a link to your website. You can literally add a link to anything that you would like to promote. Imagine you are in the clothing industry and you want to promote a new line of clothes for the summer.

You simply have to create a Story related to this line of clothing and add the link to where your followers can buy your products. In short, there is no reason to limit yourself, as you can literally add a link to whatever you want to promote.

Instagram swipe up on stories

How To Add A Link To Your Instagram Stories?

Now that we have covered a few of the benefits of using this feature, let’s see how to add a link on Instagram Stories.

The first thing you want to do is to create a Story. To do so, simply enter the app and swipe left. You will then have the option to either take a photo or record a video. You can, of course, upload a file from your gallery as well.

Do what you need to create the content you will share as part of your Stories, and add whatever you like to it (text, stickers, etc).

After that, tap the link icon on the top of your screen and type the link you want your followers to be redirected to. Piece of cake, isn’t it?


As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, the swipe up feature is only available to use for those people who have over 10,000 followers. If you still have not reached that number, don’t worry! There are many ways in which you can grow on Instagram organically.

Additionally, if you need a boost to grow your Instagram, you can also make use of online services that help you gain real, genuine followers, such as Instafamous.Pro.


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