Instagram Video Shopping
Instagram introduces video shopping to its platform

Instagram Video Shopping Feature – What You Need To Know

Instagram has been part of the e-commerce business for some time now. Currently, the photo-sharing app has over three different features that allow users to shop from within the platform. However, it seems such number is not enough. In fact, Instagram has just released a new feature that is now being called “The Instagram Video Shopping Feature”.

Instagram video shopping is a feature that allows users to easily buy items from video posts they see in their feed. However, only certain posts can be considered shopping posts. But, why?. Well, some companies have decided not to use this feature on their Instagram profiles. Therefore, there will be some videos from where people cannot buy a single thing.

In short, brands on Instagram decide whether or not to make use of this new shopping feature. So, if you are watching a video on Instagram from your favorite brand, and there is no option to shop in there, know that it was probably because of the brand’s decision.

Instagram now lets you shop from videos

Shopping Collection

This new feature does also allow us to create a sort of catalog. In fact, we are now able to save products we encounter on a Story or feed and save it directly to our profile. Of course, this works just like a shopping cart. Therefore, you can save products from different stores and decide when to buy them.

Instagram video shopping feature


Finally, Instagram has also announced to be working on a standalone app called Instagram Shopping. However, it is still not clear when or if this will become a reality. In fact, a couple of years ago Instagram also announced to be working on a standalone app for direct messages. But, it was never released. Therefore, we understand is some people are hesitant about the fact of this possible “Shopping app” being released.

Nevertheless, let’s keep in mind that Instagram has been putting a lot of effort into shopping features during this year. So, maybe this time they will actually go through with the standalone app. Only time will tell.


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