Irresistible Apps

If you dig into your app store, then you’ll find thousands of apps you will love. But, what if you picked the best ones just for you? Of course, it will be better right? Thus, we made our work for pleasure and found the most irresistible apps for your Instagram profile. We’re ready to teach you how to improve your content, manage it better and be different from others. So, keep scrolling down and find out our particular choice.

It’s retouching tool that became very popular the last few years. Therefore, many brands fight for having their own filter palette so the Instagrammers use it. Besides, all the regular edition elements are available, such as exposure, hue, contrast, brightness, and so on. But, the major key is in its filters collection. Ultimately, you can search on Google “VSCO filters” to get a better idea of how they look, and how you can use them properly.

2. Snapseed

Similarly, it’s an edition app which is as popular as VSCO is. Also, is one of the complete ones, and you will fall in love with all the amazing things you can get from it. Consequently, it allows you to do almost anything with your photographs. So, you will find a full gallery of edition features, easy to use. It offers two kinds of categories: manual edition and filters. Thus, you can play with things like white balance, brushes, and correction. The results will blow your mind.

Irresistible Apps

3. A color story

Sometimes, you’re walking on the streets and find a colorful landscape. Then, you take out your phone and take a picture of that beauty. Although, when you see the result is not much like reality. But, let’s no worry about that anymore because this app is the solution. Thence, it’s one of the favorites for a single purpose. It gives a powerful color correction, almost or better than reality. All whites and contrasts make your pic a unique piece.

4. Enlight
In case you want your pics to look like from a different dimension, then, this is the perfect app for it. It brings several effects that will let you do a lot of out the box things. Hence, you will surprise your audience after every shot you take and edit. Besides, it has the most powerful edition tools so far. Nevertheless, it’s not the best app for regular edition or simple results.

5. Focos
Focos is one of the most successful apps today that will freak you out, especially, if you have a new iPhone with dual camera. Thus, Focos will let you use all the benefits of the iPhone’s camera when it comes to focusing. Furthermore, you can blur an image anywhere you decide. In consequence, it will give a professional touch to your picture, as if you took them from a professional camera.

Irresistible Apps

6. Quick
It allows you to overlap text on your photos with a huge variety of fonts and colors, so you can pick the most accurate. And yes, it has a free version. But, there’s a symbolic price to pay for the free fun. Therefore, a little watermark will appear in your final work. Otherwise, you would have to pay for the full version, which is free of watermarks and gives you more options to play with.

7. Rollworld
We know you were looking for this from a long time ago. So, you can chill now an prepare to have fun! Besides, you can bring a different touch to your profile. Rollworld is an app that let us pictures turn into a different world, new and unique. Literally, it has different parameters to give your circular picture a bit of hyperrealism.

8. Slow Shutter Cam
Sometimes, you might wonder: How people get to make a long exposure picture on during the night where you can see all the lights shine bright? Well, here’s the answer to your questions: Slow Shutter Cam. You’ll see, by using this app, you can make all that work easily. It shots to different speeds and emulates the controls for the camera shutter. So, the results are similar to a DSLR camera.

Irresistible Apps

9. Layout
Even though there are many apps that let you combine multiple images in one, Layout is one of the easiest to use. Furthermore, it belongs to Instagram, so the process is better. Therefore, the process begins on our gallery, generating different dynamic templates. Also, it adapts to the number of selected images. Basically, makes the work funnier and faster for us.

10. Later
Yes, we’re still praying for an Instagram’s schedule manage app. Until then, we can use what we get. And, Later is one of the best options we’ve got so far. Like many others, it only sends a notification to remind you of publishing. But, it’s super useful to keep an update and organized calendar with different accounts.

Irresistible Apps

11. Buffer
We can use Buffer almost for everything that has to do with Social Media, so Instagram is not the exception. Therefore, we can manage all our profile from here. Likely, other apps do similar functions. But, Buffer makes the planning funnier and it has a big feature, which is that it allows us to also manage the content to our other profiles.

12. ´┐╝Moldiv

If you want to make a collage exactly as you want it, then this is the perfect app. For instance, has more than 200 shapes and frames. Furthermore, it’s easy to use, and therefore, you only have to select the shape and add each photo. The best part, it’s available both for iOS and Android. Plus, it’s free, so let the fun get started.

13.´┐╝ Hyperlapse
It helps to stabilize videos and alternate the speed, to get a funny time-lapse effect. By using it, you can shortcut your videos and erase all the frames you’re not happy with so that you can take the best from your recordings. Furthermore, it’s better than iOS native app because it allows you to set the speed you need and give a personal touch to your time-lapse.

Irresistible Apps

Ready to improve your profile? Well, now you have the most powerful tools to make it look awesome. Let’s rock Instagram together. And, please, show us your creations!


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