Jessy Taylor
Jessy Taylor's Instagram account was recently deleted

Instagram is home to millions of influencers all over the world. The photo-sharing platform has made it possible for many people to grow and have a better life. Indeed, influencers benefit from Instagram every day. But how? 

Well, there are multiple ways in which Instagram personalities benefit from the platform. Brand deals, followers, etc. Moreover, big influencers make a good amount of money when working with brands. So, they don’t really have to work from 9 to 5 as most people do.

Of course, this is sort of a dream job. So, we want to ask you –  what would you do if you were to wake up one day and discover that your Instagram account was deleted?

For regular people, it shouldn’t be a big deal. However, for influencers, that would be a nightmare. And that’s exactly what happened to an Instagram personality in April 2019. Unfortunately, the way she confronted the situation wasn’t exactly appropriate. Here’s everything you need to know.

Jessy Taylor Scandal

Jessy Taylor Scandal

So, who is Jessy Taylor? Well, Jessy Taylor is an Instagram personality who became sort of popular due to a video she uploaded to YouTube – crying over her Instagram account being deleted.

Apparently, several people had reported Taylor’s account as spam. This was of course, definitive for Instagram to take action and delete her presence from the platform. Evidently, this came as a surprise for the 21 year old woman, who then decided to upload a video on YouTube crying over the situation. 

The Video

On April 4th 2019, Taylor uploaded a video to YouTube titled “Stop reporting my Instagram account.” In the beginning, the video wasn’t getting too much attention. But, it ended up going viral after it began to receive media coverage.

Personally, I found out about it thanks to Yahoo. Now, here’s the thing. The 21 year old made a mistake when she uploaded that video. She made “every day” people feel attacked. 

You see, when she started crying about having lost her Instagram account, she said she didn’t want to work at McDonalds like other people. Moreover, she added some comments that most people didn’t like. 

“I know people like to see me beat down, and be like them, be like the 90 percenters.”  “The people that work 9 to 5.” Naturally, the only thing this video did was outrage thousands of people.

In the video, Taylor admitted to having worked as a prostitute before entering the world of social media, and not wanting to go back to that life. Certainly, this is something we can all understand. However, she made it sound as if there was nothing else she could do to make money. 

She even said “I’m nothing without my following”. So, you can imagine what people had to say in the comments. A hint – they were harsh!

A Second Account

Shortly after the “scandal,” one of Taylor’s fans gave her an Instagram account that she could use. But, only a couple of days later it was also deleted. Evidently, this was caused due to the hatred of people that disagreed with her comments from the last video. 

So once again, Taylor went to YouTube where she expressed her feelings. In the new video, she asked if one of the viewers could get in touch with an employee at Instagram so that her account could be restored.

Incredibly, she received a response and got her problem fixed. As a matter of fact, not only did she recover her second account, but also the original one. Furthermore, the whole controversy she went through made it gain almost 20k new followers on Instagram.

Final Thoughts

So, here’s what I think. Anyone would be upset if they were to wake up one day and discover that the platform from where they make money doesn’t let them log in anymore. 

However, the way in which Jessy Taylor handled the situation was wrong. She had the right to be angry. But, she most certainly didn’t have the right to insult other people. 

Unfortunately, she made a joke out of her social media presence. So many people dislike her now that it’s just difficult to imagine a brand wanting to get in touch with her any time soon. So, let’s just hope she learns from her mistake and tries to be more careful with her words the next time. After all, we all make mistakes. And we all get second chances. 



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