Joe Jonas

Perhaps, he’s not the most followed man on earth. And yet, he’s one of the most famous men in the industry. Joe Jonas has been with us for more than ten years, and he’s an entirely different person now. Although, he’s still a cool guy and sings great. But, now he’s all a big man, and we can see many things on his Instagram, we couldn’t see when he was a Disney star.

Recently, he’s on the top of the tabloids because of his engagement post next to Sophie Turner. Sophie is also known for her Game of Thrones character, Sansa. So, no surprises when we saw this was worldwide news. Far from that, we can enjoy Joe’s profile, full of funny moments, backstage pictures and family memories.

1. Singing and comedy 

Carpool moments are more than famous by now. Although, we can’t get enough. Especially when it is about this powerful duet. Besides, we’ll love Joe Jonas’ good sense of humor. And, of course, we want to listen to him sing. This time, he did his thing next to another top girl of the moment. Camilla Cabello was an excellent partner, and both made us happy.

 2. Team spirit

No matter how famous you’re, if you don’t show support to your partners, you won’t get higher. Of course, Joe Jonas learned this very early on his Jonas Brothers days, when he had to share fame with his brothers. Therefore,  we’re not surprised when seeing him posting pictures next to his DNCE fellas. It’s essential for us to see he appreciates teamwork.
Joe Jonas

3. Melt our hearts

Stop crying! Kidding, the world can’t stop from crying of happiness about this post. Last week, two of our favorite people got engaged, and the post was everything! Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark) said YES! And Joe Jonas took the opportunity to share it with the entire world. Furthermore, look at that ring! Every girl out there is now making their boyfriends buy one just like that.
Joe Jonas

4. Bring back those memories

From the beginning, we all knew that the Jonas Brothers were family guys. And, we appreciated it because it lets us see a sensible side of him. Here, he celebrates his little brother’s birthday with a particular picture of both when kids. Indeed, he’s not afraid of us to see him using glasses and looking all the opposite he’s today.
Joe Jonas

5. Celebrate what’s important

First, this footage is from Charli XCX’s video “Boys,” which you have to see right now (Joe Jonas is in). Secondly, he took this particular frame to celebrate something so random but important as “Pancake day.” Needless to say, every American person appreciates this day because they can eat tons of this delicious breakfast/lunch/dinner/everything.
Joe Jonas

6. Classy move

Once in a while, it’s always good to post something chic. Don’t worry if you’re the most grunge person because you can too. He loves fashion and made that clear earlier in his career. But, it’s always good to see him on the cover of a magazine. Especially, next to his band because they’re stylish people too. Feel free to show every good step you take if it makes you happy.
Joe Jonas

7. Show your gifts

Too old for toys? Never! And, if they’re unique gifts, you have to share it. Mostly, when artists receive presents, they don’t usually show them. Yes, we understand they get a lot of free stuff. Still, it’s good to show some appreciation in time to time. Otherwise, people will feel disappointed, and we don’t want that.
Joe Jonas

8. Don’t be afraid

He is al grown man now, but he’s never too old to have fun. Why not get dressed like your favorite character? Especially, when you have a natural mustache that matches perfectly with the cosplay. No matter if Halloween is yet to come, feel free to play with costumes. However, try to play with something you feel comfortable and is not offensive.
Joe Jonas

9. Melt our hearts part 2

Stop it, Joe Jonas! Stop making us feel like you’re the most adorable man on earth. In fact, we do think so, and he confirms it every day. Here, you can see him next to his little niece, looking cuter than ever. Although, the baby looked happy and scared at the same time. But, we assure it’s just because of the camera. This little girl doesn’t know yet. Her uncle is one of the most famous persons on earth!
Joe Jonas

10. Fans of fans

 What happens when your band is so famous, and yet, there’s another band more famous? What a fantastic idea to compare DNCE with Star Wars most renowned team ever! Besides, they can use this approach for the next shows. However, what we want to show here, is that you can share all crazy ideas related to you.  In this case, he used this image to celebrate #MayThe4thBeWithYou.
Joe Jonas

11. Flow with trends

You’re never too famous to share trending posts, ok? This dancing hot dog touched many hearts, and Joe Jonas’ was one of them. Even though when this trend is gone, it’s always good to check how he handles Social Media trends. Besides, we all might think that hot dog got his party spirit. Also, it reminds us that we can always share trends as long as it relates to our personality or audience.

Joe Jonas

Now you know more about the man of the moment. He’s not longer that Jonas Brothers’ kid. Otherwise, he’s a full potential person who has a lot to offer artistically and as a Social Media person. He’s fanatic of his fans and loves to share his life with them. So, you can always use him as a reference for your Instagram perspective.


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