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The Kardashian-Jenner clan is a top reference for those interested in how social media works. When a new feature is out, they’re the first ones to try it. Platforms treat them like the rightful queens of social media that they are.

Despite the fact that many people say they’re famous for doing nothing, there’s more to them than this. So today we’re going to review Kendall Jenner’s profile, who’s the top model of the family.

Kendall is the smoothest of the family, and is the key to the door of luxury and high-class events. She and her friends turned the fashion world into something different. Therefore, we need to see what’s behind this star and the phenomenon she represents on Instagram. Here are 7 lessons that Kendall has taught us on Instagram:

1. Show the value of others

Indeed, a personal profile is personal, and of course, it’s your right to post anything you want about yourself. Your narcissist space is allowed, and we don’t want to take that away from you.

But, think about this – don’t your friends and family talk about you too? Of course, we can tell a lot about someone just by the people around them or who they love. So, wouldn’t it be nice to share your special ones’ talents or qualities? Sure, it’s fantastic, and Kendall Jenner knows this. Here’s the proof.

Kendall Jenner

2. Don’t be afraid of your lifestyle

Don’t be afraid of showing who you are and what you love to do. But, wait for a second, if your lifestyle is anyway showy or pretentious, please be careful with your target audience. For example, we all know Kendall Jenner is wealthy and famous, and she doesn’t have to hide it.

However, she has a particular approach when it comes to showing her lifestyle. You’ll see that you’re not watching the typical rich girl. She knows her audience aren’t entirely wealthy, so she finds a way to make it look classy, yet simple so everyone can relate in some way.

Kendall Jenner

3. Send us to the future

Why would we want to live in the past? Please, take us to the future with you! She can lead us to a fantasy world in ways. Kendall Jenner dared to take a step on sci-fi, and we loved it. One more reason to try something unknown and acknowledge it. Then your fans will feel free to enjoy the adventure with you. We support a trip like this, and of course, we want to live the fantasy.

4. A sneak peek of your memories

By this point, you would probably think that we’ve already seen everything about the Kardashians and Jenners. But, we haven’t – there’s still a lot of hidden material they keep sharing with us. Kendall Jenner is a fanatic of posting pictures of her as a kid. Whether it’s next to her father, Kylie or alone, she loves the mini version of herself. Who can blame her? She’s so adorable!

Kendall Jenner

5. Play with crossing-channels

An important lesson that every Kardashian-Jenner knows best. You need to guide your audience through every single channel you own. What’s the point of treating your audience differently according to the channel that you’re selling something on?

Of course, you need to prepare different content for each platform, but the audience needs to see it flow. Try to deliver occasional sneak peeks of your Snapchat videos on Instagram. Perhaps you can invite followers to an Instagram contest through your Sanpchat channel. People love following you on lots of channels, so do it!

6. Be a chameleon

Dare to be a chameleon, but keep your essence forever. We want to see you trying new things, and living new experiences. Therefore, you can’t be repetitive and boring. Otherwise, your audience might get bored and leave.

However, constant change doesn’t mean that you lose your visual branding or style. Even though we want to see you trying new things, please personalise every post and adjust it to your voice and message.

Kendall Jenner

7. Learn from your best

We have to learn what works best for us. Kendall Jenner learned fast. Ever since she posted this picture on Instagram, which is also one of her most popular, a new era began. When started to see more emotional content. Long gone are the days where she only posted random pictures.

Now, we can see a professional model creating her feed correctly. She breaks social media every time she makes something so fresh as her first top post.

Kendall Jenner

We love Kendall Jenner’s profile for many reasons, and we could count more than seven lessons. Furthermore, she’s an amazing brand ambassador and influencer. So, next time you think she’s just some famous for nothing girl, you better think twice. There’s a lot you can take from her.



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