Kevin Systrom Departure

Kevin Systrom Departure From Instagram

It’s been a few weeks since both Instagram founders announced their departure. However, this time one of them decided to talk about the topic. Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom’s departure from Instagram has made many people wonder what happened so that they would decide to leave.

Of course, all we had until today were simply speculations. Nevertheless, Kevin Systrom decided to talk about the topic when he was interviewed at Wired’s 25 conference.

Kevin Systrom on why he leaves Instagram


Kevin Systrom hinted that there were tensions with Facebook shortly after he decided to leave the company. In fact, people think this is the reason why he and co-founder Mike Krieger decided to cut things off, and move forward.

Nevertheless, during an interview at Wired’s 25 conference, Systrom stated something a bit more concrete. “When you leave anything, there are obviously reasons for leaving,”. 

Of course, this confirms that there were problems inside the company that led both co-founders to make the decision to leave. During the same interview, Systrom said “No one ever leaves a job because everything’s awesome, right?”

However, he also said there were no hard feelings at all. He also said he would continue rooting for the company as he moves on to work on other projects.

instagram founder talks about his departure

The Future Of Instagram

Currently, Instagram has over a billion monthly active users. Therefore, the leading team over Instagram needs to work hard to keep the users satisfied. It would be wrong to think that now that both Instagram founders are gone, the app will not be the same anymore.

Exactly one week after Systrom and Krieger announced their departure, Facebook found someone to take on the new role. Of course, Facebook had many factors to consider. Filling such an important position required someone with plenty of experience.

Finally, it is just a matter of time until we can see what Instagram’s new boss can do.

Instagram will have new changes

Final Thoughts

It doesn’t take a genius to understand that Instagram is going through a lot of changes. However, sometimes change is good. In fact, we are more than confident that new and exciting things will come our way.

As for the Instagram co-founders, we are sorry to hear that they decided to leave. Nevertheless, life continues and we’re sure they will soon start working on a new project that we will all like.


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