Kylie Jenner

Even though when Kylie Jenner is the youngest of Kardashian clan, she’s the most famous name of September 2017 because she made her way to the top of headlines worldwide. With a lot of rumors spinning around her, people can’t stop from watching her Social Media profiles to confirm or deny each one of them. By now, we only want to present you her most outstanding moments on Instagram.

1.  Share with your friends

Success is great as long as you can share it with your loved ones. Otherwise, it’s something that makes no sense. That’s something Kylie Jenner knows best because she loves to share her moments with her best friend, Jordyn Woods. Therefore, we will see these two girls hanging around but also being part of Kylie’s brand and making it bigger every day.

2. Celebrate with your family

It feels like it was yesterday when we first saw Kylie Jenner as a little girl on first episodes of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Well, it was not last night. In fact, it was ten years ago of the most famous American family took over our TVs and became a dynasty.  Although, Kylie became popular by her own recently. However, this is a date to celebrate, and she certainly did by posting a picture next to her sisters and mother.

3. Sharing is caring

Another thing about success is that it comes with a lot of responsibility and you need to take care of those who need it the most. Thankfully, Kylie Jenner is a gorgeous girl who finds pleasure and happiness in helping others. So, for her last birthday, she decided to donate some of her profit to a Cancer organization. Therefore, she posted an optimistic video next to one of her friends sharing the big news!

4. Hair colors queen

No one on Instagram, Snapchat and perhaps, the world knows how to rock on every hair color like Kylie. Of course, many artists do the same, but she knows how to make you feel comfortable on a daily basis. Here, she posted a picture wearing the hair color of the year. Indeed, many girls ran to buy one exactly like this. She’s a trendsetter like no other.
Kylie Jenner

5. Sweet sis moments

Even though when we all know her relationship with Kendall is difficult, we also know how much they love each other. And, Kylie Jenner doesn’t think twice when it comes to posting a cute picture or video with her sister. They’re both adventurous, so they share a lot of cool moments together. Here you can see both famous girls next to a cute animal and pose for the moment.
Kylie Jenner

6. Another chapter

Yes, Keeping Up With The Kardashians is not enough for this girl. Although she seemed like the one who couldn’t handle fame easily, she decided to create her show and let their fans see her in her fabulous life. Now, you can see Kylie Jenner not only on her Social Media platforms but in her new Reality TV show.
Kylie Jenner

7. Empire inspiration

Whatever they say, Kylie Jenner is a role model for many young girls out there. With only 20 years, she built a solid makeup empire and is one of the most influential persons in the world, next to her other family members. Now she’s all a grown up, we can see her in posts like these, where she joined an interview about Kylie Jenner Cosmetics.
Kylie Jenner

8. Brand Ambassador like no other

Whether as an influencer, model or empire woman, she knows how to stand up for a company. But, what she knows best, is to be Brand Ambassador, committed to a brand’s spirit and values. Here she’s bringing new images for Beats by Dre, but in a cobranding creation next to Balmain, one of her favorite fashion brands.
Kylie Jenner

9. That kind of friends

Yes, we know, we don’t get this kind of friends on the block. But, it’s good to dream about it once in a while, right? Since Kylie Jenner became a businesswoman, many high fashion brands wanted to work with her. Versace was one of them, so Donatella Versace made Kylie her muse quickly.
Kylie Jenner

10. Fans come first

No matter how many times we repeat this, it’s never enough. Our Instagram’s famous people adore to share their fans’ work, and we love it as much as they do. User-Generated Content is a primary rule when you’ve got a long list of fans out there. Although you can’t share everyone’s work, we know. But, you can always open some space for those outstanding art pieces. Such as Kylie Jenner did. In this picture, we see a beautiful younger version of her and how she looks now.
Kylie Jenner

We’re expecting so much more from her, but we still love seeing what she’s doing so far. Do you have a favorite Kardashian-Jenner sister?



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