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“Sabor y Ritmo” sounds, colors and a lot of dancing during the Latin Grammys night was all we got. However, it didn’t stay just there because people on Instagram took care of taking it to the next experience level on the platform. Therefore, we could live minute by minute the night through amazing posts. Besides, Instagram users are getting better when it comes to covering an event, and we can’t complain. So, please take a look at the best of the night.

1. The hit of the year was the hit of the night 

Becoming the new hit most played video on YouTube is, certainly, not the easiest thing. So, a success like that comes with a huge reward. In case you didn’t know, “Despacito” was the hit of the year worldwide. Luis Fonsi, who’s the author of the song played the record in crazy places you couldn’t imagine. And, many artists around the world made millions of versions. Therefore, it’s no surprise that this video became the moment of the night.

2. Lito being Lito and making us smile 

The Latino community met this man thanks to his character in a famous tv series called “Velvet.” But, Miguel Ángel Silvestre became the favorite latino (not so latino because he’s Spanish) since he performed Lito on Netflix’s hit “Sense8”. What we can learn from this is how Social Media unite different communities and turn them into one. Meaning, Influencers Marketing is going one step forward when it comes to location strategies.

3. We can’t get enough from J Balvin. Can we?

Who on the planet hasn’t heard the name, J Balvin? We bet a few because he’s another man of the year. This Colombian guy conquered US Latino community with his Reggaeton rhythms and style. Now, he’s in every TV show, music awards and touring around the world with his good vibes. Here, you can see him do his latest success. What we can learn from it is that multicultural and colorful visual trend is still on and we have to keep improving it.

4. There’s a “Pretty boy” conquering hearts. 

What’s going on with Colombia? Since Shakira, they can’t stop from sending incredible artists to the world. This guy here is Maluma, and he’s the “It boy” not just in Latin America but worldwide. If there’s anything that Latinos do better than anyone, is creating high emotions in people. Thus, we could see all eyes on this man during the night because girls in Social Media wanted to see everything he did.

5. Having fun with the dress is the ultimate confidence trend

Next time you plan for a huge event covering, think about how to make your guests feel comfortable and fun. After years of red carpets, we see how they innovate this TV format by creating several funny moments to share with the audience. For instance, this artist didn’t get enough of her outfit and made an entertaining piece of art of it too. And, that’s the point when it comes to events covering, bring to life every aspect of it.

6. Live moments with famous artists are never enough.

Venezuela is known for many things. But, Nacho the singer is one of them we enjoy the most. Every latino around the world is listening to his music, and he’s a lucky guy now. Thence, of course, we wanted a close interview with the guy of the moment. Meaning, after all these years, we can’t get enough from these short but juicy meetings previous to the show.

7. When Latino power goes beyond the Latino frontiers 

We talk a lot about Netflix because they know what they’re doing. And yet, we can’t stop from being surprised by all the things they carry out. If you ever heard of Netflix, then you know when we’re talking about “Orange is the New Black.” Well, in case you didn’t, it’s one of the most famous series of the platform about a prison of girls. Between those girls, there’s a group of Latinas that became famous quickly, and now they’re A-listers for all kind of events.
Latin Grammys

8. The collage every girl and fashion lovers were expecting

After the show is over, we need more juice, and indeed, we’ve got the oranges. So, we have to select the best of the best from our orange tree and create content to generate interaction between our followers. A right way is a choice of best looks. And, why not? We can select the most handsome ones too. There’s no possible way people won’t interact with something like this, it’s all about multiple reactions, and they can’t get enough from these posts.
Latin Grammys

9. Of course, Luis Fonsi is the Latino man of the year. 

We talked about this guy previously in the first moment, and we have to talk about him again. There’s an essential lesson behind this guy. He comes from several years in the latino music industry as being part of the romantic scene. But, recently got the success of his life by making something completely different to his style. Meaning, no matter how famous you’re or how consolidated is your style, you have to improve according to the time and audience.
Latin Grammys

10. Colors, movement, and shapes are on top this year.

Although darkness, glitch, and vampire vibes are coming next year in visual trends, 2017 is not over yet. Furthermore, the last few months of the year are always the best because we can see all the patterns in full performance. Meaning, we all learned how to use it so that we can see the best productions at the end of the road. Latin Grammys were not the exception, and since Latin America is already a trend itself, we could see a lot of visual content trends taking over the night.

The Latino community celebrated their Latin Grammys night, and everybody in the US is feeling more connected to this kind of events since latin music is taking over our ears, parties, cars and everything we do. What do you think about how people handled the posting for this event?


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