Believe it or not, you can find a lot of valuable information on Instagram, if your search is good, of course. Not everything in the platform is about fashion, models, and celebrity trends. If you look closer, you’ll find great specialized accounts. There are tons of useful data that can help you with any task or simply satisfy your knowledge appetite.

Although, the search doesn’t turn right all the time. You see, there are accounts with not verified information, incorrect facts or stolen rights. Sometimes, you may find useful data but a horrible Visual Branding and bad curated text. A simple mistake may lead a new user away because no matter how good is what you have to say, people will always search for a better presentation.

Therefore, we did a little previous job for you and searched for some cool learning accounts with correct content and a modest but excellent presentation. Some of them belong to big media content companies, and some are just rising by now. No matter if you’re interested or not on the topics, we want you to take a look at it to see how it works, to create one of your own or to add a new similar segments to your Social Media Calendar.

1. Futurism

It’s about science, not the common one but the futuristic. There’s no way you won’t like this account, even though you’re not super intelligent. There’s no need of knowing physics to understand their content, and that’s what makes them so cool. They work a lot through good explaining videos and short captions. Furthermore, it’s very singular to see every discussion that comes after in the comments section, where people talk about the benefits or wrongs of the news. If you want to learn how to present new data in a short video, then this is the right account.

2. Before 5 am

If you’re one of those persons who believes that success is an integral process and not just focus on one side only, then you’re in the right place. Joe Duncan created Before 5 am where he shares personal opinions about growth, nutrition tips, real stories, improvement methods and how to have a more productive life. What we liked about this account is the way he promotes motivation in a very realistic way and not only based on “success cases,” always with an excellent sense of storytelling and universal wisdom.

Learning Instagram Accounts

3. Science

One more for science. First of all, how cool and lucky is that they’ve got the user @science? Secondly, what about to keep doing it with @tech and so on? Guff got us by taking those users, and the compelling content they share daily on their feed, mostly because of their powerful images like this one below. Don’t you want to keep looking it for the rest of the day? Besides, the captions are great too, complementing the image you see and filling any other questions you may have.

Learning Instagram Accounts

4. Inpressedit

If you’re new on the digital content writing world, then we did just find your place. We’re also amazed by the great way they committed themselves to teach people how to create better texts for digital platforms with tips of all kind, from grammar to SEO topics. Also, they respond to all the user’s comments and start potential conversations that may enrich the content itself.

Learning Instagram Accounts

5. Grammarly

When someone thought about a grammar savior, was thinking about Grammarly. First of all, if you work on Social Media or Content Marketing, you should download the app immediately, which will help you to improve your grammar and spelling. But today, we want to show how we can learn from the profile too. Although they don’t have the best visual composition, what comes within is always funny, useful and think-provocateur. Even if you think knowing enough about grammar, challenge yourself with this account.


Learning Instagram Accounts

6. Insta.revealed

Instagram knowledge is never enough. We should take every good piece of advice that’s been given to us and keep studying on every news about how to improve our performance. That’s how we found @insta.revealed, which is an account about tips, guides, and advice of trends, strategies, and plans for creating and managing your content the best way possible. You won’t find major visuals because they focus on their captions, but the information is well-oriented, and of course, useful.

Learning Instagram Accounts

Keep searching for more amazing learning accounts and find out better ways to make your account cool and useful. Tell us your thoughts and if you give a try on one of these!



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