Why you may lose Instagram followers

Quality of Photographs

Instagram is strictly a photo and video sharing app. If you do not post quality images then people may choose to unfollow you because they would rather see better photos showing up in their Instagram feed. To learn how to take better photos you can find lots of great tips in our section on how to use Instagram effectively.

Changing your username

If you change your Instagram username people who originally followed you may no longer recognize your account and decide to unfollow you, rather than try to work out who you are. If you do need to change your username we recommend keeping the new username as similar as possible to the old one.

Uninviting Content

One way that you may lose followers quickly is if you post the type of content that many people may shy away from. Examples include gory photos, overly sexual photos, scary photos, etc. Just remember that not everyone likes the same kind of content. While you may think that your pet spider is cute, others may not want to see spider pictures when scrolling though their Instagram.

Un-targeted Audience

If you choose to buy Instagram followers or participate in follow exchanges or followforfollow hashtags then one of the main reasons that you may lose followers is because these followers you gained are not targeted towards your content. You should always consider this a possibility when participating in this method of Instagram growth and use a service like Instafamous Pro who replace lost followers for free.

Updates – Too Much or Too Few

If you post too many photos then people may feel overwhelmed with the amount of pictures showing up on their Instagram from you. This may cause people to unfollow you.

On the other hand, people are often going though their follow list and removing people that they don’t remember. If you are not posting regularly you may be the next account that they unfollow.

As a general rule you should stick to posting only 1 or 2 photos a day. This keeps people interested in your Instagram feed without being flooded by it. Also make sure that you space your posts out over time so that you do not upload multiple photos to Instagram at the same time.

Not enough variety in yours posts

If you are posting the exact same kind of photo every single day then people may lose interest quickly and unfollow you. Try mixing up your photos a bit and take them in different locations with different subjects.

Not responding to comments

Instagram is a community and it must be nurtured for your follower count to grow. If you do not reply to people who are interested enough in your content to leave a comment, then they may feel a little left out and decide to unfollow you. Replying to comments on your Instagram posts is a great way to help build and nurture your own little insta-community of followers.

Cultural Barriers

Instagram is popular all across the globe and is accessed by many countries who speak different languages and have different cultures. It can be very easy to offend or upset people with a simple photograph. For example, you may consider a photograph of a couple kissing to be romantic, however people in other countries may see this as an overly sexual and offensive to share.

It can be hard to know what people like and dislike to see on their social media. Just try to be mindful about the fact that Instagram does have users from all over the world who may not believe in the same ideals, values, or cultural norms as you do.

Spam Filter

All social media networks have built-in spam filters to prevent abuse of their systems. However these spam filters are often very heavy-handed and can undo any of your followers at any time for any reason it seems fit. This is an issue that affects all Instagram accounts especially those who have many followers. Unfortunately this is just a possibility that we have to live with and it affects all social networks including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.
BonusWatch Pewdiepie complain about YouTubes spam filters.


Let us know in the comments if there are any other reasons you know of that make you lose followers!



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