How To Make Money On Instagram

In this new post, you’ll learn a few ways to make money on Instagram. Also, you’ll learn a few tricks for your brands’ strategies. So, they can see the cheese inside the burger too. Although Instagram was born as a sharing pictures app, today you can do more things. Therefore, it became one of the most popular Social Media platforms.

Product Ads

Instagram ads are a great way of promoting your products to earn money on Social Media. Therefore, if you promote your posts, you can get more views and reach. Therefore, people get to know it and buy it. Plus, you’ll open yourself to a new audience and potential costumers.

make money on Instagram

Sponsored posts on websites
This method works like this: A brand pays you for you to publish a photo or video on your Instagram accounts. Then, you promote their products or services, including a compelling message or hashtags.

To do so, it’s necessary for you to have a certain amount of followers and engagement. Furthermore, according to those numbers, you’ll get more or less money. Also, it will work for you to register on an influencers’ platform to search for opportunities.

make money on Instagram

Direct sponsored posts

In this case, brands contact Influencers directly. Therefore, this method is not for everybody. Meaning, if you don’t have a lot of followers (up to 50.000) on Instagram. In consequence, it will be difficult that a brand tries to reach you and make an offer.

make money on Instagram

Sell your Instagram pictures

If you’re a photographer, pro or amateur, then, you can sell your Instagram pictures for some apps. However, it’s not necessary to have a lot of followers because brands only look for quality and exclusive pictures. In fact, it’s not necessary that your photos come from Instagram.

make money on Instagram

Affiliated Marketing

Another way of making money on Instagram is to promote affiliate products. Thus, this system consists of choosing several affiliate products and sell them on your Instagram account. Also, you can pay Influencers with a lot of followers to promote them. Remember, you’ll get paid for every item sold.

make money on Instagram

Sell your services through your Instagram account

This is not for everyone. Definitely, if you have a few followers, then, it’s gonna be difficult to make money on Instagram selling your services. Nevertheless, a lot of professionals with a developed personal brand, use it for more reach through Instagram.

make money on Instagram

Selling website products on Instagram accounts

If you sell products on your website, then you can build a community, get potential buyers and followers on Instagram. So, first of all, you need to create an online shopping website. Secondly, add the link to your Instagram bio. Also, direct people through stories links. Ultimately, create a content strategy to show products in a creative way.

make money on Instagram

Instagram Shoppable Product Tags

Instagram ads the feature of tagging products in the pictures. Also, you can add a description and a link to shopping from the app. Furthermore, people can save products as favorites. Similarly to regular tags system, you can’t see tags unless you click on the screen.

make money on Instagram

Sell your Instagram account

Another way to making money on Instagram is by selling your account. Thus, if you have a good amount of followers and then start selling. There are a lot of brands that aim to start with a lot of followers from the start. But, try to keep a consistent niche so they can reach you easier.

make money on Instagram



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