Makeup Artists Instagram Profiles

Either you’re a girl or a boy. You surely know that makeup is one of the ruling topics on Instagram. Style, fashion, and makeup go hand in hand when it comes to the most followed content on the Social Media platform. Thence, we need to follow the best makeup artists Instagram profiles. Not just because of the makeup tips but because they teach us a lot of lessons on how to manage profiles. Besides, they’re the greatest guide for Influencer Marketing and Brand Ambassadors. So, we don’t need to say much because you will love this post.


Obviously, the first spot in the makeup artists Instagram profiles is for the makeup queen. The one and only, Pat McGrath. If you don’t know Pat, then you should go back and do the homework. Otherwise, you’ll be missing the most iconic makeup artist in fashion history. This woman is the goddess of makeup. Therefore, she’s responsible for the most iconic glam on Fashion Weeks, launches and professional photography. Furthermore, she’s part of the industry from a long time ago. So, almost every supermodel has been under her magic brush.
Makeup Artists Instagram Profiles


In case you want some role model to start with, Charlotte Tilbury is the perfect one. She’s up to  1.5M followers on Instagram and has a makeup empire made by herself. First, she was known for making perfect peach blush to the most beautiful faces in the entertainment industry. Today, she’s not just a professional makeup artist, but she’s a reference on Instagram. As Pat McGrath, you should know her name and follow her work to have the best references, and follow the newest trends.
Makeup Artists Instagram Profiles


Being alternative but doing the glam for the most famous girls in the world is possible. Furthermore, it gives you the power to rule the last Instagram makeup trends. At first sight, Joyce doesn’t seem like someone who would do makeup for Kardashian klan. But, her alternative spirit and style it’s a true proof of her unique talent. This blonde girl might be the inspiration for Kardashians when they went platinum last year. She loves being out of the “ordinary Instagram trends.” Therefore, the girls love to follow her glam methods, since she’s always one step beyond.
Makeup Artists Instagram Profiles


Probably, he’s the most famous makeup artist of the list. Not because of his followers’ number, but because his favorite client is not other than the most followed person on Instagram. Yes, Vango’s is Selena Gomez’ makeup artist, and she’s just one of the long celebrity list he works with. Besides, he’s one of the lead makeup artists for Victoria’s Secret shows, so he set the trends for every season. Similarly, he’s the personal makeup artist of the greatest top models, like Gisele Bündchen. Also, he loves to do makeup on new faces like Kaia Gerber.
Makeup Artists Instagram Profiles


All girls love series like Pretty Little Liars, and stars like the ones of the show became famous and fashion icons quickly. The one responsible for their perfect makeup trends is this man. He knows exactly how to make a young face looks classy but fresh. Not too much from here, but not too little there. So, if you want to learn how to make beautiful face looks natural and glowing, stop searching in another place.
Makeup Artists Instagram Profiles


Instagram is a big platform that owes makeup a lot. We discovered a lot of talents on the Social Media platform, but just a few became famous. Thus, as a lesson, we can tell that one becomes famous not just for being good, but for being original and breaking the rules. When it comes to creative but fresh new makeup techniques, you should go directly to this account. As you may see on the picture, Violette is one of a kind. She knows how to have fun when doing makeup for her or her clients.
Makeup Artists Instagram Profiles


When you’re Rihanna’s best friend, what else can you ask from life? Well, you can be one of the most influential makeup artists of the world too. In case you didn’t know who was behind Rihanna’s glam, well, here she is. Mylah is the responsible for those crazy and stunning Riri’s looks you want to replicate. She made us try to discover new shades, colors, shapes and being outrageous when it comes to makeup. No wonder why she’s still the exclusive makeup artist for the best style icon of our era.
Makeup Artists Instagram Profiles


Dark skins are his forté, and we want to see more of his amazing work. Beyoncé is just one of the long list of black women this artist work with, and he’s a living lesson of how to make skins look like gold. He’s the perfect note for dark skin makeup, and even if you’re not, you will love all of his techniques and backstage picture from the best videos, movies, and shows of the most famous female artists of the world. An excellent choice for following on Instagram.
Makeup Artists Instagram Profiles

Now, you’ve got your first Instagram makeup certificate because you already know who are the ones leading the path. Thus, it’s your turn to find another makeup artists that inspire you by creating beautiful styles. Share with our us what other people we should follow.


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