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Previously, we showed you the best female celebrity influencers on Instagram, how they rule all the industries and set the agenda for the rest of the social media platforms. Now, it’s the time for us to show you the male field, which is as powerful as the women’s. Even though the most followed person on Instagram is a woman (Selena Gomez), we also have some talented men with a considerable amount of followers.

Of course, you know the most of the people we’re about to show you next. Some of them are soccer stars, famous for their talent and their looks. Others are actors with a great sense of humour, singers with a bad boy look, and one incredible millionaire all women fall in love with, who is known for his amazing moves to the rhythm of the newest hits in the music industry.

Although we love them for many things, they’ve got one in common. They’re influencers and they’ve taken over Instagram, representing the best products and services in the world. They also do it on websites, TV, movies and any other channel. These guys are experts in the art of influencing, and we want to show you who they are and why you should follow them immediately.

1. @davidbeckham

David Beckham doesn’t need an introduction. This man has stolen women’s hearts for almost 20 years and has inspired men around the world by being one of the most famous soccer players of all time, as well as modelling for many prestigious fashion brands around the world. He’s also known for being Victoria’s (Posh Spice) husband. David enjoys posting family photos on his account which makes him more real when he presents a product or a place to promote.

Male Celebrity Influencers
2. @cristiano

We warned you that you’ll see some of the most famous soccer players on this list, and of course, Cristiano Ronald should be here. The man from Portugal climbed every mountain until he reached where he is now. He’s not only a great influencer but a good brand ambassador too, and keeps his Instagram account active, showing his audience all the cool products he sponsors and the fancy lifestyle he has. Not bad for a man from an Island, right? Of course, he not only influences but inspires many young men who aspire to be as big as him someday.

Male Celebrity Influencers
3. @neymarjr

Neymar and Lionel Messi are probably the most famous Latin soccer players of our generation and not for less. Both are the stars from one of the best clubs in the world, and we’ve seen them on TV commercials for years. Now Neymar is one of the most followed people on Instagram, and he loves to share his soccer moments with his active users as his sponsored products through cool and elaborated pictures.

Male Celebrity Influencers
4. @justinbieber

Oh, sweet Justin! Who doesn’t know this young man? Since he was just a kid, he made an entire generation of little girls fall in love with him, and now those little girls have turned into young women who love to buy everything that their idol promotes. If you didn’t know, he disappeared from Instagram during a period and came back with a commercial developed on the platform through his feed and Instagram Stories. His more than 80,4 M followers saw the ad. Can you imagine how much he earns for it?

Male Celebrity Influencers
5. @gianlucavacchi 

Influencer between influencers. If you don’t know Gianluca, then we invite you to do some research and come back later, because we assure you – won’t stop looking at his profile. Once you get into his account, you’ll find a whole new world of luxury products, jet set lifestyle, glamour, beautiful people and one particular thing –  sexy moves! The famous businessman is well-known for his hilarious yet sexy dancing videos, performing solo or next to his lady. Therefore, he makes millions of users eager to see what new product, clothing line or places he promotes.

Male Celebrity Influencers
6. @therock

Of course, that muscle body has a lot of users, not just for his looks but the pretty smile, great talent, and absolutely amazing personality. The Rock has more than 80M follower, which make of him one of the most-followed men in the world. Furthermore, he’s still a famous movie actor and everyone loves to see what he’s doing next. If you look closer to his account, you’ll see him promoting things about the sports niche and of course, about his films. If you want motivation and strong presence, then go catch him.

Male Celebrity Influencers
7. @zacefron

We’ve seen him grow and turn into a man. From his High School Musical time, Zac Efron knew how to provoke the audience. Now, he’s a handsome young man with an adventure spirit who loves party, nature and doing all the crazy things you can imagine. Also, he enjoys promoting products using boomerangs and all kind of funny content. If you want to be inspired by what young men want, what they love and how he promotes that lifestyle, then this is your man.

Male Celebrity Influencers

8. @champagnepapi

Drake is a well-known bad boy from the music industry, only with a heart ready for Rihanna (or JLo, maybe). He also takes his popularity as a party boy to his Instagram account, where we can see a lot of cool pictures from his concerts, friends, nights out and other celebrities. But, he loves to promote his nightclub visits wherever the place he’s going and asking his fans to meet him. He knows how important is to take care of one’s reputation, and being a bad boy promoting parties at nightclubs is pretty much correct!

Male Celebrity Influencers

Check all the profiles we showed you and select the characteristics you want from your male Influencer. Remember, his lifestyle has to be related to your company culture and the message you promote.



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