manage multiple Instagram accounts

During the first days on Instagram, we needed services from third-party apps or websites if we wanted to open several accounts at the same time. Gladly, those days are gone and you can now manage multiple Instagram accounts from your mobile.

Since version 7.15 we can easily administrate our accounts from the official Instagram app. Although, it only allows us to manage up to 5. Nevertheless, it’s better than having no options at all. Therefore, it’s always better to use the official features instead of the generic ones.

To manage multiple accounts from the Instagram app you need to follow these simple steps:

1. Open the app on your mobile, and go to your profile.

2. Go straight to the Options menu, and scroll down until you find ‘Add account’.

manage multiple accounts

3. Immediately, you’ll find the welcome window asking you to log in.

4. Introduce your user and password as you regularly do.

5. If you want to switch accounts, then go to your profile, hold your username and select the account you want from the list. Also, you’ll find the option to add more accounts in the same place at the button of the list.manage multiple accounts

6. In any case, when you want to log out, it’s almost the same as if you were going to add one. Meaning, you need to go to your profile options, scroll and find the ‘Log out option’. But, be careful because you can log out from all the accounts at the same time. So, make sure you select the right option.



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