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I’ll be there for you,  (When the rain starts to pour), I’ll be there for you… Oh, good old times. You know, when it was announced that the mega-popular tv show Friends would no longer be available to watch on Netflix. I decided it was time to stop working for a while and simply sat down on the couch to watch all 10 seasons of my favorite sitcom in the world. 

The fact of the matter is that re-watching the whole show at my current age made me realize that the nostalgia I felt when I watched the last episode of the sitcom could be erased by simply checking up on what the characters of the show were up to nowadays. 

Fortunately, Instagram has made it possible for us to connect with everyone in the world. Moreover, you can learn more about the day to day of your favorite celebrities and people you admire. In this case, I wanted to check up on the Friends cast and see how things changed after the show ended.

However, I realized some of them were not on Instagram. Well, that just changed. Ready to learn more. Then, keep on reading. 

Matthew Perry is now on Instagram

He’s here!

Friends stars are landing on Instagram! And Matthew Perry’s turn has come. The beloved Chandler Bing on the TV sitcom Friends, has become the final member of the iconic 1990s show to enlist on the service. His was an immediate hit. As a matter of fact, he gained 4.4 million new followers in a single day.

Currently, he is just shy of getting to 6.2 million followers. The massive turnout was reminiscent of Jennifer Aniston’s Instagram debut, which set a Guinness World Record in October as the fastest account to a million followers.

On October 15th, 2019, the 50-year-old actress decided to join the social media world and shocked everyone with her first uploaded photo. One of the six original Friends TV show actors! Yes, the six of them in the same picture! It obviously caused a riot on the Internet, and it now has more than 15 million likes!

Why now?

Matthew Perry’s Instagram bow continues to fuel the 25th-anniversary celebration of the Friends series. Of course, this craziness has led brands to take advantage of the situation. So much so that tons of stores have started to sell Friends’ related content to fans in general. Perry, on his side, is doing his part to keep the momentum going.

The original cast is expected to get together for an unscripted reunion special to help launch the streaming platform, HBO Max. It goes without saying that the Friends reunion will be one of the main attractions on the site.

“This is how thrilled I am to finally be onInstagram,” Perry wrote. He accompanied the sentiment with a .gif of his Friends character Chandler Bing dancing. Oh, how we loved to see him dance. His reference to the show once again made the fans of the 90s show go absolutely crazy, sharing the post and making it go viral.

Matthew Perry Joined Instagram


To sum up, their incursion on Instagram was a complete success. And how could it not be? I mean, they were on FRIENDS. The six stars of the TV show are now big deals on Instagram. Apart from Aniston and Perry, the other four actors also have a massive amount of followers.

Lisa Kudrow has 6 million, Matt LeBlanc 5.3million, David Schwimmer 4.3 million, and Courteney Cox has got the incredible sum of 8 million followers! Talk about fame, huh?


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