McDonald's Instagram Lessons

McDonald’s Instagram is the promised land for Instagram lovers! It evolves exactly what a brand should do, and what we can expect from them. Besides, it immediately takes us to the most fantastical days of our childhood. Now, as grown ups, we can still love them for what they have to offer as marketing giant, and the development of their multiple channels strategies, Although, we’re only focusing on Instagram by now, we want you to see it as the full package because that’s what they do good.

We picked seven great McDonald’s Instagram lessons, that will open your eyes. They’re colorful, creative, dynamic, and most of all, they’re low-cost adaptable. Thus, the biggest lesson of them all is that even with a small budget, you can create the best experience.

1. Take the experience to the off-line level

One thing is for sure; an off-line experience is as much important as the online. Although you’re the head of the virtual social life, you need to be in charge of off-line events’ brainstorming. Propose things that your audience would like to touch and see. Therefore, you’ll create the greatest Social Media experience. Indeed, budget and management have to agree. Otherwise, you can’t do much in reality, but you can still work your imagination.

As seen in this post below, McDonald’s immersed into”Emoji” the movie, to join the adventures of these wonderful characters. Similarly, to what it has done before by selling Disney’s toys. The main purpose of Instagram accounts is to make people feel the need of going to our profile. So, the only way of doing so, it’s by bringing magic to reality.

2. Make a meme of you
Memes seem immortal, and we want to be part of history. First, make sure you find someone with a good sense of humor. Otherwise, you will make a huge mess because everyone hates a bad joke or someone trying too hard. Secondly, find out your outstanding products or those not so popular. Once you do that, think of how many references can you take from each one. Finally, use those with the easiest references, try your best and show it to your team. If everyone approves it, then you’re ready!

McDonald's Instagram Lessons

3. Use what you’ve got

We all want to have the biggest budget to make incredible things. But, it’s not necessary if you make a proper use of your products. McDonald’s certainly has the budget of big brands, but they still use what they make. Even if your brand is nuclear chemicals, those chemicals have colors, shapes, textures and a complete world of possibilities. Bring them to live! Let them speak for your product and let yourself push the limits.

4. Language is everything

Words can change everything. Therefore, if we’re attending to conquer the Social Media world, then we need to learn how to play with the common language. Most of you may know the various words that define an account’s faith. For instance, like, share, love, repost, and so on. In fact, all of them have different levels of relevance.

Therefore, when it comes to “share,” we’re talking about the goal. McDonald’s knows it and hence, they created a series of “cheerable” images to promote the free ice cream by sharing your experience. A subtle and efficient way of using the call-to-action.

McDonald's Instagram Lessons

5. Go with the season
Many people got the grace of always being sunny and rainy. Most of us instead, got the another beauty of the four seasons. Therefore, when it comes to products and Social Media planning, we should think of being suitable from winter to summer. Especially, when it comes to Instagram, we love to see seasonable posts. Even though if your product appears not to be adaptable, you have to think twice. Let your values, spirit, voice, and message take the control!

6. Proper question

There will come a time when we may run out of ideas. But, don’t panic, it’s normal in time to time. Although, we need to find a sooner solution. Thus, the perfect remedy for lack of ideas is to find references for inspiration. And that’s what we can find on McDonald’s. Especially, for one challenging strategy: the question game. We all know we have to give our users what they want. But, we need to be bright enough to test their spirits sometimes. As a result, McDonald’s defies their audience by combining two different products that at first sight may not seem a good pair. But, what if they do?

McDonald's Instagram Lessons

7. Make the impossible, possible

Make the impossible, possible: You should know about company culture at this moment. Surely, you also know McDonald’s sponsors big sports events, not because their food is good for athletes but because the sports audience consume their products. Even so, they keep promoting what’s more important, the goal-digger high-spirit person living inside every sports people.
So, what about encouraging athletes and adapt it to one of their products?¬†Imagination is the solution for impossible purposes. In this case, they use french fries to emulate fencing swords. Also, right hand’s nails are painted in the USA flag colors. As a result, we can learn that we can create everything by adding the proper references.

McDonald's Instagram Lessons

Learn from the greatest! We’re here to show you the ultimate brands for inspiration. There’s nothing you can do best than checking on the latest trends and how brands handle their content and users. McDonald’s is a great piece of example. But, tell us, what others brands inspire you?


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