Adam Mosseri
Adam Mosseri - the new Instagram boss

Meet Adam Mosseri – Instagram’s New Man In Charge

Instagram has gone through quite a few changes lately. However, this time we are not talking about updates. Currently, Instagram is going through a transition period. Since the founders announced they were leaving, Facebook started to look for someone capable to carry such an enormous responsibility, as it is to take care of Instagram.

Nevertheless, it didn’t take much time for Facebook to find a replacement. In fact, less than a week after the news broke about the founders leaving, Facebook found someone that would replace them. Of course, filling those boots won’t be an easy task.

Either way, we already know who is taking on the big role – Adam Mosseri. Now, who is Adam Mosseri? Well, stay here to find out.

Adam Mosseri is now head of Instagram

Adam Mosseri

Adam Mosseri is a 35-year-old man who has now been selected to take over Instagram and call the shots. However, before that, he was an employee for Facebook. His role was to take care of the news feed.

The new boss, who is reportedly already excited about his new role on Instagram, will start work within the next few weeks. Nevertheless, some brands are not comfortable with the situation. In fact, they cannot seem to understand how Mosseri will help them to continue growing.

Well, it seems there is really nothing to worry about. Mosseri has worked for Facebook for over 10 years, and it seems he’s now ready to get started on Instagram.

Who Is Adam Mosseri

New Role

Adam Mosseri is about to take over a major role on Instagram. However, what do we know about the work he will be doing there? Well, it’s no secret that he’ll be taking over the founders job. Nevertheless, it is important to have an idea of what his functions will be.

According to CNN Business Mosseri will oversee “all functions of the business” and will hire a new executive team, including a head of engineering, product, and operations.

Who is Adam Mosseri

Founder’s Thoughts

Of course, we could not end this post without letting you know what the Instagram founders think. Well, rather than writing their thoughts with our own words, here’s what they said on Instagram’s blog.

“To us, the most important thing is keeping our community — all of you — front and centre in all that Instagram does. We believe that Adam will hold true to these values and that Instagram will continue to thrive.”

Adam Mosseri taking a new role on Instagram

Final Thoughts

Currently, Instagram is going through a lot of changes. However, it seems there is nothing to worry about. In fact, both Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger have given their blessings to Mr. Mosseri. Therefore, it is correct to assume they are more than okay with the decision taken by Facebook.

Nevertheless, we still have to wait a few weeks before we can see Mosseri in action.



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