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MET Gala is an annual event where MET museum honor one fashion house or designer to open an exposition. Through many years, it has been one of the most famous nights in the fashion world, where models, designers, and artists get together to show the best pieces on a red carpet. Then, they join a ball that almost nobody could see and honestly don’t care because the real action is on the red carpet.

People is waiting to see who are designer’s dates, what the “it” girl will wear, who will fall from the stairs, and which new couples will show up. But, in the last few years, the formality is a bit lost and the real moments are the protagonists in Social Media. Thus, this year, after everyone accepted the new nature of the Gala and how Social Media takes it, we could see a lot of scenes we could never imagine in an event like this.

So, take a look at the most shocking MET Gala moments that set Instagram on fire and the new trends for spontaneous content or event ideas.

1.  God save the queen

MET gala has one host queen who is also the fashion queen. Yes, the one and only, Vogue editor, Anna Wintour. Vogue’s Social Media team created this amazing space where the guests could take a few minutes and dance inside a video mapping installation. Unlike last year, the visuals changed according to the personality or what the guest represented. Inspired also by this year’s theme. The digital art installation is a fantastic idea you can use in one of your events and share through Social Media. Thank you, Vogue, for being such an inspiration!

2. Bathroom selfie

Last year we saw this trend but in a narrow selfie way. Of course that these crazy people were going to take the “Bathroom selfie” to another level. This year, we could see not one or two, but a lot of famous faces together and Diddy was grabbing some hot bodies, tho. Also, the group selfie had different angles because Kylie wasn’t the only photographer. Therefore, will it be the new selfie trend on fancy events? Let’s keep an eye on this.

MET gala Instagram

3. Time to wait

Long time without seeing Diddy being Diddy. When we first saw this picture, reminded us the 2000’s precious times. Who else would dare to lay on the red carpet’s stairs like a Sultan waiting for their women? Instagram got crazy right after this moment with all kind of funny memes. But, who can complain? We can imagine a thousand funny phrases to use in this picture. Yeah, Diddy, keep rocking!

MET gala Instagram

4. The best accessory

If you thought Jaden Smith was just facing the teenage-adult phase and weirdness would pass, then think again. Will Smith’s song took the word “odd” to another level when considering his dreadlocks were the perfect accessory for his MET gala suit. There’s nothing wrong or right, but what are we expecting next? Can it influence kids to do the same at balls, prom, and events? Let’s see if this trend moves forward on Instagram.

MET gala Instagram

5. Kim, dear Kim

There’s almost nothing predictable about Kim, and what she’s going to do next. For example, due to this year’s theme, we expected a more striking dress to talk about like that time when she was pregnant or last year’s exotic look. But guess what? The year she could exaggerate on her look, she goes as simple as a white dress. Going against the tide is what she loves and make everyone talk about her strategies on Social Media. What are you playing next, Mrs. West?

MET gala Instagram

6. Most shocking costume

She’s not a Kardashian, but she’s a Jenner and Jenners know how to rule Social Media too. Kendall left everyone with a big opened mouth when she appeared to the Gala wearing a revealing dress and fresh look.  She set up the fire alarm immediately, and all flashes started to shoot. Seconds later, her backside was everything people were talking about. That’s how you set Instagram on fire.

MET gala Instagram

7. B!%$ is Madonna

What would this world do without Madonna? Does her spirit will never get old? We want to have that energy at her age, and we can’t stop watching all the funny, crazy stuff she does. We could almost think that everyone in that room looked for Madonna and took a selfie with her and her military dress. She’s still everyone’s favorite at the MET Gala, from the youngest to the oldest generations. That’s what we call a timeless Influencer.

MET gala Instagram

8. What we were waiting for

Thank all gods and goddesses of the world, it’s official now. After making everyone crazy with a picture at Coachella, we only needed they made it official at a major event. Although no one was sure until the last-minute, they finally did it. Seconds later, the iggers started to post pictures of the couple as the must adorable of the night. Instead of worrying about a possible cat fight between Bella Hadid and Selena, all eyes were on these two love birds.

MET gala Instagram

9. Riri killing it

Rihanna is one of the most familiar people on a MET Gala. For many years, she has ruled every theme and this year wasn’t the exception. Everyone was claiming her as one of the favorites, plus because was one of the few wearing the honored fashion house. She took the avant-garde dress code to her unique style, and everyone wanted a picture with that origami dream.

MET gala Instagram

10. Real party was in the bathroom

Bathroom selfies were not enough. Rebel girls and boys took the real party out of the ball and inside the bathroom. Losing all the protocol of the night, sitting on the floor and smoking a lot. A real scoop of how celebrities enjoy fancy parties on her expensive dresses, no caring about looking like little princesses. Bad girls trend over here?

MET gala Instagram

11. Cute couples

Selena and The Wekknd were not the only couples melting our hearts. Others like Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady, Chrissy Teigen, and John Legend were expected and loved by the press. Although, there was one particular couple that made a huge impact. Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively took a picture for Instagram famous account @humansofny, where Reynolds opened up his heart about how much he loves Blake’s influence in his life.

MET gala Instagram

These are just a few moments of this incredible night. Feel free to share your favorites from the MET Gala and tell us what its impact on Instagram was.


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