Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama is the first black First Lady in United States history, and she’s also a very popular Social Media star and we love to see her shine brightly. She has shared some cool moments with celebrities and a presidential world tour with amazing outfits.

She knows how to wear a good dress when she’s also defending the girl’s rights. Does she need more reasons for the coolest First Lady award? If you think so, let’s see these amazing moments we caught from her Social Media story.

1. She definitely knows how to teach her daughters how to wear a dress

Even if one of them loves twerking on Coachella, the girls are always ready when they have a night out with mom and dad for an official visit. Thank you, Michelle, for introducing your good sense of fashion to the next generation!


2. She absolutely loves a selfie moment

She’s so good at this that we almost forgot to mention that Bradley Cooper was in the right corner of this photo. Wait! Who’s that, Ellen? OMG! The First Lady also loves to take some cool selfies with young people in her meetings. Do you have one?


3. She doesn’t mind if she has to do the hard work

We have the image of a First Lady who doesn’t even breathe or move so she can always be perfect, being more like a princess than a mortal woman, but Michelle is always active wherever she goes and she loves to get involved in every activity she attends to.


4. She has the best love story with Barack Obama!

They have been together for more than 20 years, they have the most complicated schedule in the world and they still have time for a lovely picture like this one. So cute!


5. She’s an animal lover and the animals love her too

The First Lady doesn’t mind if she has to get down on her knees with her expensive dress if two adorable dogs are desperate for some Obama love.


6. She makes history, even if it’s raining a lot

No matter the weather, the First Lady is always ready to write a new chapter in the world’s history, like in this stormy day in Cuba, where she wore some cool red shoes and faced the rain.


7. She’s cool and she knows it

Remember that time when she joined Snapchat? You see, not every adult is brave enough to join this Social Media platform, but she was definitely not scared about the filters. Go girl!

And finally…


8. She knows how to sing along in a car

We’ve shown you some awesome stuff by now, but this is TOO MUCH. Car pool with Missy Elliot! And yes, we’ll save this moment for our grandchildren because they will never believe that the first cool First Lady isn’t a millennial girl.

We can make this list eternal, by adding things like that time she tried to save the White House’s carrots dressed like Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible, or that time she exercised with Ellen DeGeneres on her TV show.
But we’re going to finish this right here and give you some time to go and check her accounts on Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter, so you can join the Mrs. Obama Social Media fan club.


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