10 Most liked Instagram photos ever

See The 10 Most Liked Instagram Photos In History:

Instagram is the place in which celebrities and people from all over the world, share their lives and their adventures. Whether you travel to a foreign country or you go on an exciting hiking, Instagram lets you share your experience. Keep reading, as you are about to find out the 10 Most Liked Instagram Photos In History.

10 Most Liked Instagram Photos In History


10. Cristiano Ronaldo – 8.2m Likes

Soccer player and father of four, Cristiano Ronaldo uploaded a photo of him holding his first Ballon d’Or while being in France on December 7th, 2017.  The photo now has 8.2 million likes

Cristiano Ronaldo's most liked Instagram Photo

09. Selena Gomez 8.6m Likes

Pop star and 13 Reasons Why executive producer Selena Gomez, uploaded a photo on January 7th of this year. Getting over 8.6 million likes and 200k+ comments.

Selena gomez most liked Instagram photo

08. Justin Bieber – 8.7 m Likes

Pop singer and former Selena Gomez’ partner uploaded a shirtless photo of him on Instagram on January 6th of this year. Getting over 8.7 million likes and 300k+ comments.

Justin bieber most liked Instagram photo

07. Khloé Kardashian – 8.8m Likes

Khloe Kardashian uploaded a photo of her pregnant belly on December 20th from last year. Such photo has now over 8.8 million likes


Khloé Kardashian most liked instagram photo

06. Beyoncé – 10.3m Likes

American singer and businesswoman Beyoncé is pretty popular on Instagram. Which is why on July 14th, 2017, millions of her Instagram followers liked a photo in which she appeared with her two one month twins. So far, Beyoncé’s twins photo has over 10.3 million likes

Beyonce most liked instagram photo

05. Selena Gomez – 10.5m Likes

When Selena Gomez started laying low during last year summer, her fans started to wonder if there was something wrong. Soon enough the singer posted a picture on her Instagram where we could see her in a clinic bed next to her friend Raisa, who had just given her one of her kidneys.

The photo which showed the true meaning of friendship now has over 10.5 million likes.


Selena gomez most liked Instagram picture

04. Kylie Jenner – 10.6m Likes

Unlike many people in the entertainment business, model and businesswoman Kylie Jenner decided to hide her pregnancy from the public eye. However, just a few months ago, she decided it was time to announce the good news to all her fans.

And so she posted a text style picture on Instagram explaining how her pregnancy had been the most beautiful, empowering and life-changing experience she’d had in her entire life. The announcement became trending on social media and now the Instagram post has over 10.6 million likes

Kylie Jenner most liked instagram photo

03. Beyoncé – 11.2m Likes

So far, we can tell every time a famous celebrity announce her pregnancy, the internet goes crazy. And Beyoncé is not the exception

On February 1st, 2017, American singer Beyoncé uploaded a photo in which she could be seen while still being pregnant with her twins. Currently, her picture has over 11.2 million likes


Beyonce most liked instagram photo

02. Cristiano Ronaldo – 11.3m Likes

Once more the gift of having a baby proves the internet love the miracle of life. When soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo posted a picture on his Instagram along with his partner and newborn child in November of last year, people loved it. So far the photo has over 11.3 million likes

Cristiano Ronaldo most liked instagram photo

01: Kylie Jenner – 17m Likes

After the big announcement, Kylie Jenner took the time to post another photo on Instagram. Only this time, you could see her baby holding her thumb. The cuteness of this photo has made 17 million people to like it

Kylie Jenner most liked instagram photo

So, there you have it. The 10 Most Liked Instagram Photos In History


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