Instagram Sensation
85 year old man, a new Instagram sensation!

The New Instagram Sensation

Instagram has changed the lives of many people all over the world. In actual fact, most influencers have gained popularity thanks to Instagram. Of course, there are some people who are more popular than others. But, what is the definitive factor that determines how many followers a person gets? What does it take to become an Instagram sensation?

Over the years we have heard about numerous influencers and how they became hugely popular. In most cases, it all came down to money. Take the Kardashians for example. The people who flaunted expensive toys and staggering lifestyles were more likely to get more followers.

However, things have changed for good. Currently, there are people on Instagram who don’t really need money to become popular. In fact, today we want to tell you all about someone who is breaking it on Instagram.


David Cyril becomes Instagram Sensation

David Cyril

An 85-year-old man from Lancashire has become quite popular on Instagram after he began to document his dieting journey. David Cyril decided that he wanted to lose some weight. Therefore, he rejoined the popular dieting group, Slimming World. Joining the group for the second time was only the beginning.

Mr. Cyril was going to need all the motivation he could get. So, his daughter suggested he create an Instagram account from where he could upload photos of his dieting journey.

The idea came after one of his daughters posted a picture of him on their own Slimming World account and received a lot of likes and positive feedback.

His Instagram account currently has over 110k followers, and it continues to grow every single day.  In fact, the support he gets is quite good as each photo he uploads gets on average 10k likes and at least 300 comments.

David Cyril becomes Instagram Sensation

Final Thoughts

Mr. Cyril has proven that it’s never too late to do what you want to do. He continues to upload photos of his journey losing weight. If an 85 year “young” can reach his goals, so can you.


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