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Is there a resting day for Instagram? Apparently, no. But, thank God they don’t stop thinking of new ways of improvement. Luckily, every new feature is more usable than the one before. The most recent gift from the Facebook company is Instagram Stories’¬†polls. Yes, you read it right. Now, you can freely ask simple yes/no questions on your stories. Hence, we’re one step beyond on interaction, which what’s left on Instagram Stories.

Little by little, we’re getting in touch with our followers directly. Keep scrolling down and find out some useful ways of taking the best of this feature.

1. Let them know you’re testing
By now, most people must be familiar with the new feature. However, we can’t pretend everyone knows about it. Therefore, we need to introduce our followers into the new Instagram trend so that everyone can be on the same page at least. To do so, you should prepare a story that says you’re about to start a poll. This way, your users will figure out how to use the buttons. Besides you can create a little suspense. It’s something easy, and after a few days, you no longer have to do it anymore.

instagram stories polls

2. Use some humor
Even though when it’s about a question, it doesn’t mean you have to be so serious. Most of the times, we’re used to seeing polls on serious issues like politics. But, you can always use it to create a fun atmosphere. Perhaps, you have an original/retouched picture and want to make fun of yourself. In fact, it’s a more natural way for you to show your audience the real human side of you.

Furthermore, funny questions are most likely to have a response because people don’t have to know about a specific subject. And, you can’t question your audience’s intelligence. It’s not right for you, and they’re not going to like that. People want to know things, not being judged by what they don’t.

3. Test a picture
If you’re reading this, you know you always wanted a more straightforward tool to test your content. Well, now you have it. People can love our material for a long time. But, sometimes, we need to refresh our visual branding or moving towards better content. So, when it comes to optimization, there’s no better option than testing. Furthermore, no matter how great¬†your brand is, even the big monsters try their user’s taste.

Thus, once in a while, it’s ok if you want to test if one picture is excellent. Maybe, you need to try new fonts, and this is the perfect chance to work it with your audience. Don’t stop yourself from trying new things because you already have a feature that let you know if it’s ok. Ultimately, it generates more interactions, and your engagement will increase too.

4. Try a Vs. question

It’s common to interact things we used to see on the Internet ten years ago. A Vs. issue is one of these things. If you can remember, this was a common strategy on music tv channels, where people had to vote to see the music video. Partly, is something that we love to do and play with. Thence, don’t be afraid if you have two favorites and want to try who’s the best. Your audience will love this.

It works fantastic when it comes to products, celebrities and such. Remember, everyone has a favorite and people moves a lot when it comes to supporting what they love. Inevitably, they will invite other friends to join the poll, and you’ll have new followers.

5. Use emojis instead of words
In case you didn’t know, instead of using words, you can use emojis for buttons. And, if you already knew, now you have for sure that is good to use it. In fact, you can create a lot of reactions from it. For instance, when you want to create a Vs. questions but not in a positive/negative way. Instead, you can recreate a positive/positive or negative/adverse reactions.

Options are limitless, and emojis’ world is perfect when lacking creativity. Also, for some reason, people prefer to respond by using an emoji because it express emotions better or it’s funnier that way. So, don’t feel sorry if what you want to ask needs little monkeys for a response.

instagram stories polls

6. Ask about what they want
Social Media is about daring what your followers want. Try them, test them and make them take part. The audience needs to feel involved. And, that something is the community you’re building. So, it’s time for using that community power and make people part of your thoughts, beliefs, and taste. Similarly, you need to make them embrace the brand.

Your brand is what you make of it, but it’s also what your community wants from it. There’s no better way than asking for what they would like to see or who they want to meet. Ask them, is there a story that you’re not telling? Do they even wish to take part in contests? It’s an infinite world for you to explore just by asking the proper questions.

7. Interact with multiple items
We know, we loved polls as much as you did. So, don’t worry, you are allowed to post more than one question. Although, you can’t go crazy, ok? Not too much but not so little either. Find a right balance, so here are two tips. First, find a topic or multiple topics related. It’s easier to see a connection between questions. Secondly, prepare your audience for various polls so they won’t miss any.

Once you decide what’s the subject and order of questions, it’s time for you to pick the right images. Try not to add difficult photos, unless it’s the intention. For instance, you can select several products to show a final winner.

instagram stories polls

Lastly, we welcome you the Instagram Stories’ polls world. We know you will love it and we’re looking forward to listening to your new ideas.



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