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We all want to know what’s new on Instagram! Therefore, we can’t take our eyes off their updates because we want to show your first. This time, we’ve got six amazing hot updates and tools that will make your managing much easier and concrete. Also, you can learn from Instagram company’s mistakes. Yes, they can make some mistakes too! But, it’s not up to us to blame them. Instead, we can learn and not repeat. So, sit down and enjoy what’s new on Instagram!

Wrong warning

Apparently, we think Facebook can do nothing wrong. Otherwise, even the greatest Social Media platform can make some mistakes. In this case, was alleged to an algorithm issue. Earlier this year, a user posted an image to claim stalking and privacy issues experienced on the platform. The same picture was used to promote the sharing pictures update. Later, the company asked for forgiveness, and talk about their algorithm issues.

Similarly, they cleared up about how they’re working to encourage participation on Instagram. Although, they certainly have to work on their ethics failures on advertising and algorithm. Lastly, this is just the perfect example for you to manage your profile in the best way possible without privacy invasion.

Who follows you

Finally! We can stop from using third-party apps to know who is following us or don’t. This is something that everyone wants to know. Instagram has been part of our world for a while. But, just recently calmed our nerve, when they finally decided to show us who’s following our way through. Even though this is a useful update, it encourages negative aspects too. But, we’re only focusing on the good ones.

Now we can know who cares about following us and who decided to stop doing so, by just simply going to their profiles. Thus, we can count that as another metric to follow up monthly. Concerning about real followers who used to interact with us, and for some reason, they decided not to continue our path. So, now we can find out the reason they left our profiles and working on our faults.

Modify autoplay audio on your feed

When scrolling on your Instagram feed, you need to turn on audio videos one by one. Well, it will change very soon. Despite the fact, many people think this must stay like it is, Instagram decided to change it. Progressively, all users will be able to just turn on the first audio video, and the rest will be automatically on. Nevertheless, this is not something entirely new.

As you may have seen, this looks like Instagram Stories way to work. You only need to turn up the volume on one video story so that you can listen to rest as well. However, Instagram explained that in case you don’t to hear about every video automatically. You can also turn off the next video audio, and the rest will be off too until you decide otherwise.

Popular hashtags

2017 is almost over, and you need to keep tracking what are the most popular hashtags so far. Therefore, next year you won’t feel that lost. Remember, predictability is a dominant source for everyone involved in Social Media. Also, trends are moving fast, but some things stay the way they are. Such is the case of Hashtags. Apparently, people still prefer the same hashtags ruling from earlier years.

#Love is the king of the land, followed by #InstaGood, #PhotoOfTheDay, #Beautiful, #Fashion, #Happy, #TBT, #Cute, #Like4Like, and #FollowMe. Although, we have some new popular hashtags this year. Such as, #MotivationMonday, which is encouraging positive vibes on Mondays for those who hate this day of the week.


New On Instagram

Share stories
Instagram has given us everything by Instagram Stories, and yet, we always want more. Since they love to please us all, they decided to reward us with the last update. From now on, we can share a story without taking a screenshot. Thus, we only need to see the story, go to the lower right corner, press the button and share it with our friends.

Yes, we know this is so awesome! Furthermore, it increases our views without us even try to do so. But, this is also a warning to us. Now, we have to think it better when doing a story, so that we make it attractive enough for someone to share it with their friends.


New On Instagram

Post your panoramic

Although this is not something directly from Instagram, it’s something that many people wonders about, and now we have the right answers. Previously, Instagram updated the image carousel for our feeds. Hence, we can share either ten pictures or videos in the very same post. However, we started to see some things beyond the simple update. Brands began to create amazing content with this tool.

Panoramic¬†images where something amazing to see on the carousel, but not everyone knew how to do that. Thence, we finally knew the ultimate tool to do fantastic carousel panoramic. It’s available for both Android and iOS but under different names. You can find it on Play Store by InSwipe, and Swipeable on the App Store.

New On Instagram


Keep updating your Instagram abilities by reading us. We procure to bring you the hottest information for you to handle Instagram like a pro you are. So, tell us, which is your favorite update of them all?


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