New selfie trends

Are you up for new trends and willing to try anything for being a trendsetter? Then you have to learn from the best first. Therefore, you have to be ready to try anything reckless, stylish, original and funny to get the best result. That’s why we bring the new 2 Selfie trends that everyone is trying. From Kendall Jenner to the girl next door, these are the trends for followers and like increasements in your personal account.

If you thought you were a master on the Selfie field, you might think twice because new rules are applying now. Far are the days where you had to put your cell phone as higher as possible to take the picture or make a pose with perfect fish lips. Now, you need to know what King Kyle masters and what is the new challenge to make because “Mannequin challenge” is also over.

Needless to say that what you’re going to see next it’s not properly for children or even teenagers, this is more for 18+. We don’t make the rules, and you know that Social Media trends are getting more and more reckless. Therefore, if you’re 18- you better enjoy the show but not to participate because one of these two trends is the most risk we’ve ever seen.

1. It’s not the Kylie Jenner lip challenge but it’s equally good

Kylie Jenner isn’t King Kyle just for nothing. The youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan has established more Social Media Trends than anyone ever known, even more than her most famous sister, Kim Kardashian. From makeup addiction, Snapchat filters use, and so on. The not so little Kylie was imitated over her most famous body part, her lips. By 2015, “The Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge” became viral, and everyone on every platform was doing it.

Now, on 2016, Miss Kylie set up the most recently famous selfie style. You just need to learn how to put on your fingers in front of your lips like your reflexing about an important issue, and you become an expert, it might look like you’re licking that finger, but it takes a lot of expertise. Here, you can watch some good examples of what you’re willing.

Kylie Jenner selfie
(via @kyliejenner

2. One-finger Selfie challenge

You won’t believe where this came from, but if you’re a wild spirit, you’ll adore it. So, if you thought Kim Kardashian’s Nude Selfie was too much for Social Media, you need to see what the entire world is doing.

One-finger challenge

Since the Japanese anime artist, Sky-FreeDom released an illustration of a girl using a cell phone and one finger reflected in front of a mirror to cover up her boobs and private parts. The world accepted this image as a global challenge, known as #1fingerchallenge. Now, even Youtubers are making tutorials on how to achieve this correctly, and transgender bloggers are using this trend as a liberating ritual.

One-finger challenge
(via @delia_melody)


Are you ready for this challenge? Or maybe you just want to conquer some hearts with the finger on the lip thing? Let us know your thoughts about these new trends rocking the Social Media.


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