Call me an Instagram freak – I don’t care, am always looking for a new way to crush Instagram. With number of active users on Instagram, any sane person that means business and understands what traffic and engagement mean will not think twice before leveraging on the power of Instagram.

The trick of getting more engagement on Instagram is to get huge number of followers and you will be able to build a huge source of traffic for any offer you have. But before then, you will need to spruce up your Instagram profile a little bit. Let’s teach you some awesome tricks you can use to take your Instagram account to the next level.

These tricks will help you to gather more likes, more comments and ultimately more followers. This is a tested and proven trick we’ve used to get over 50,000 Instagram followers.

1. Brand your Website / Blog

Have you ever ask yourself how some Instagram users post their website under their Instagram username?

The trick is easy; you only need Facebook to do it. To do this, simply log into your Facebook mobile app. Click on “Check In”. Clicking on “check in” will take you to a page where you will be able to create a new location to check in. Now, type your business domain name as the location, for instance: (Note: http:// is not allowed).

The next step is to upload a photo and click on “Add location” and viola; your website will appear underneath your username.

2. Link to Content on Your Blog

Do you have an awesome post on your blog you wish you can share with your fans on Instagram? No problem, there is a trick to get around this.

The solution is to replace your website URL in your bio area with the exact link of the content you want your fans to see. Now simply make a post and politely ask your fans to check out your new link.

3. Respond on the Web

As a professional, you may spend most of your day glued to your computer screen and barely have enough time to check Instagram on your smartphone.

Well, no problem about that, you can log into Instagram from your computer. Here are what you can do on Instagram from your PC

  • Comments on posts
  • Like photos
  • Delete spam

You can do all this without needing your phone to access Instagram.

4. Format Your Profile

It’s not uncommon to run into problems formatting your Instagram bio directly on Instagram.

When you want your bio to look absolutely professional, you will need to use a separate Word document to format your bio, then simply copy and paste it on your Instagram account and boom; you will have a professionally-formatted bio.

5. Correct Mistakes on Descriptions

Oh my God! – That feeling you get when you just published a post with an obvious typo. Sometimes it will be a grammatical error or misspelling of certain words.

Don’t beat yourself up so much; you can always edit your mistake. Unfortunately most people don’t know how, so their only solution is to delete the whole post.

Well, today, you will learn there is no need to delete the entire post to correct your mistakes, just click the  “…” located far down by the right side to edit the post. Easy!

6. Edit Your Photos with Instagram Filters

If you love Instagram filters, you are not alone. It’s awesome and most people will love to use it to edit their photos.

To use Instagram filters to edit your photo without necessary posting on Instagram, simply switch your phone to “airplane mode”. Once your phone is on airplane mode, you can edit your photos and click “share” when you are done. You will get error message but your photos will already be saved on your phone gallery.


I hope you like these 6 Instagram tricks we just shared above, they will make things easier for you on Instagram whether you are a newbie or a pro.



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