Odd Instagram Profiles

Odd is not necessary a synonym for ugly. If you open your mind a little, you´ll see how strange and sometimes creepy things can be inspiring. When people bets on unconventional, have to find a good strategy to make people watch it and find it reliable. That’s why odd accounts are so fascinating because they find their way into a platform full of beauty and perfection.

Most of the accounts you´re about to see are not just unique but accomplish with almost every single rule for perfect Visual Branding. They have a voice and a clear message. Some of them belong to big companies that know how to handle with mainstream content too, and some of them belong to particulars with an amazing taste for Social Media content.

Keep scrolling, and you might find what’s left for you to optimize your content. Sometimes we need to look the other way to see different inspiration, colors, and meaning, to create new content and stop being boring. Also, you can surprise your audience when you take a chance and create odd but cool stuff.

1. @santaclaritadiet

It´s a new vampire account! No, we´re kidding, but it was our first impression when we found this piece of Social Media modern art. This account says blood is the perfect diet, but they make it so beautiful that you almost think it´s true. Furthermore, it was promo account for the next Netflix series, and it was a quick masterpiece to impress all Instagram users by using beautiful people drinking blood.

Odd Instagram Accounts

2. @the_oa

You´ll see Netflix is ruling this post, not for being Netflix but their series Instagram accounts awesomeness. In this opportunity, we need you to see The OA account. You don´t need to know what´s the series about. Otherwise, the account might lead you to watch the show. The Visual Branding and the way they played puzzle with images and videos make this a perfect example of a well-curated profile. Mixing modern elements with magical colors to create a perfect final product.

Odd Instagram Accounts

3. @de_maria

If you´re just tired of famous makeup artists, like beautiful girls or good looking guys repeating over and over the same makeup but in different versions, then this is the account you were looking for. You´ll find galactic makeup, full gold, neon and a lot of crazy things with unusual materials. At first, you might think you can´t go out like that, but we assure you will fall in love with her style.

Odd Instagram Accounts

4. @sholim_

Classic movie scenes and Mark Zuckerberg deconstructed in infinite robot pieces? Yes, that´s some of the various crazy ideas from this artist. He creates a new way of collages from famous figures of our modern society. It´s disturbing but astonishing, and you can keep on watching his videos until you think that he´s a genius.

5. @_estebandiacono

There´s no way you find this awful. This motion graphics designer creates several characters in a white background. The characters can be either Donald Trump or fictional ones. They move in a way that makes them look dense and creates a weird sensation for the user. The great thing about this artist is how he creates a lot of different textures and makes us feel in touch with the objects in motion.

6. @unrefinedline

(+18) As oddly satisfying videos, you´ll find a massive movement of erotic art. Most of these accounts are private, and they check if you´re +18 before letting you in. Once you´re in this account, you´ll find out a closer and intimate look into a very popular art these days. The majority of erotic artists like this prefer drawing and create powerful scenes with a lot of intense emotions perfectly perceived even from a small device.

Odd Instagram Accounts

7. @partylikeis2000

This account may not make sense for most people born in 2000 because they didn´t live consciously that decade. For the rest of us, it’s just awkward to look those days fashion, who were our favorite celebrities, and so on. What we know, is that you´re going to laugh a lot when you find Paris Hilton next to Kim K, or Britney eating chicken. Those 2000 memories are odd but precious, and this account found them all.

Odd Instagram Accounts

8. @narcos

For those who don´t know, Narcos is a TV series produced by Netflix and tells the story about Pablo Escobar; a powerful Colombian drug dealer killed a long time ago. The series are famous enough, but what we found fascinating was its Instagram profile, full of original content, from outfits to video tutorials teaching people how to say weird words in Spanish and what they mean.

9. @satisfyingvideo

You can find more about oddly satisfying videos in a previous post, but we wanted to point out this profile in particular. Here you´ll find the best of this category without searching and waste time in not so satisfying videos. They post content with every possible material you can imagine, and they do it regularly so that inspiration won´t run out.

Now you know there´s a new a different world inside Instagram, you can start searching for more exclusive and odd content like this. Get inspired by everything and learn from various sources that might help you to develop new strategies and content.


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