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Have you ever heard about “brain orgasm”? If you have, you already know exactly why you’re here. But, if you don’t, don’t panic, we’ll explain you this and more about the strange fever of Oddly Satisfying videos on Instagram. Also, you will give your mind a break from thinking about why you like these videos so much, and you can’t find the reasons why.

These videos are becoming more and more popular since the launch of “The most satisfying video in the world” on early 2016 through YouTube. Thanks to the channel “Digg” which posted a compilation of 31 clips. This video turned into viral as soon as it was published, and now Instagram adopted this interesting trend. Now, you can find not just one but hundreds of accounts dedicated to this “satisfying art, painting” and we’re thankful.

But, why do we love this so much? I bet this is the ultimate question you make after watching thousands of videos about people cutting sand, making a painting, playing with gum, and so on. We just wanna say: “You’re not alone, my friend” and there’s a good explanation for it. Are you ready to know it all?

Dopamine. Yes, the mystery is defined by one single word. In case you don’t know, Dopamine is the hormone of pleasure, and it gets crazy every time you watch one of these videos. According to Morten Kringelbach, a neuroscientist interviewed by the BBC, pleasure comes in three stages: Desire comes first, among anticipation, craving, and eagerness. Secondly, we’ve got the taste, the joy of food, sex or a movie. Finally, satiety: the period of satisfaction.

Now that you’ve already satisfied your knowledge thirst, you can relax and watch these awesome videos we found on Instagram, especially for you and your Oddly Satisfying fever:

1. You think you want to taste it, but believe us, you don’t

This crunchie and colorful sample makes you want to take a bite on this unique mixture of ingredients. Although none of them are eatable, the mix of the sound, the colors, textures and the hand enveloping them, remind us of crunchie cookies recipes, and we completely can smell something delicious.

2. Let me stick my fingers there

“Slimy” is a very common category of the Oddly Satisfying videos and here we can see it with another trendy category “rainbow” themed. This slime is so provocative that we immediately want to stick our fingers into it and play all day long. Furthermore, it should taste like candy, right? Kidding! Don’t dare to try; it’s toxic, and we know it. But it does remind us of a sweet lollypop.

3. Enjoy your satisfying Christmas

You don’t have to be a Mandala expert, you know? It only takes a good pattern and a Sharpie to get a peace of mind. Therefore, this video is the perfect example why drawing is also a good category to watch in Satisfying videos. You want to see how the drawing is done and the final touches, but you also enjoy the entire process while the girl is tracing marks all over the page.

3. Don’t be fooled by the cake

We want to eat this. We can almost taste the cream and the strawberry on the top. But, wait a minute! It’s not a real cake. Why do people create this awesome toys for satisfying addicts? We want to squish it as much as we want to eat it entirely. Next time you think a good gift for your Satisfying partner, think of this as a good option, or probably give it away to yourself because you deserve it.

4. Sticky is the new awesomeness

Oh, wait! It’s not an egg. It’s a perfect slime with a yellow ball. Although we already know that’s not an egg, we want to keep watching because we finally found our way to satisfy our hiding desire for squish eggs. Our mom won’t be proud of this, but who cares? We always wanted to touch and play the eggs while she was preparing breakfast every day! And now we can finally make our weird dream come true.

4. It’s sand-isfying!

Take the sand castles mania to another level with this. Sand is perfect for those Satisfying lovers, and it’s not sticky but also squishy. It’s destroyable, and you don’t have to feel any regrets because you can put it together all over again. We know that your mom won’t be happy if you use this cooking item, but we can handle the mess after letting our mind melt watching sand falling apart.

Now, meet the unsatisfying…

In response to Oddly Satisfying videos, we present you: “The Unsatisfying Videos” represented by the most famous of them all based on the “Unsatisfying challenge.” In this video, you will find all the small moment that marked your mind, and you possibly didn’t know. But, don’t worry, now you do with this video. Sit and enjoy remembering the incompleteness sensation that comes with the episode 4 of the “Unsatisfying series”:

Are you a fan of this trend? Tell us about it and find more fans of the movement.


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